2022 Report - State of Hybrid Workplace Practices

We surveyed 500+ leaders from 20 major industries to find the practices that work well for changing work setups. We identified five progressive management principles that managers use to meet their employees’ needs and how they impact key business processes.

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What’s Inside The Report

Employee needs are evolving

How Organizations need to keep up

What's Essential Today

Meet employees' needs for consistent business growth.

Progressive Management practices

to understand and meet your employees’ needs

Why This Research

If you wish to build a productive and successful team, it requires an understanding of employees’ needs.

Employees are the most important yet vulnerable asset of an organization. They are affected by the changes in the global business environment and how organizations cater to their needs during such times.

Companies that understand the importance of talent needs and invest in their employees outpace organizations that don’t.

Research Background

Engagedly’s annual report on global workplace practices highlights the challenges of the changing global business environment and what organizations are doing to remain ahead and mitigate the risks.

The research provides pragmatic insights and practices that are used by global leaders to create a sustainable and productive workplace.

Participant Demographics

Our Key Findings

Hybrid Workplace Practices To Meet Employees’ Needs

Think Productivity! Think Recognition Managers who frequently recognize or praise their team members for doing good work see a boost in their team’s productivity.
Create Collaborative Goal Setting for Organizational Success Managers meeting employee needs tend to view employee goal setting as a collaborative process where managers and employees work together to define goals.
Make Employee Development an Ongoing Process Employees favor routine development

Planning. Setting up development plans annually (or as needed) with regular follow-up is a must for a productive workforce.

Engage Your Employees with Regular Performance Feedback Managers need to make performance feedback more holistic and center their conversations around performance, proficiency, and growth and development.
Coach Employees to Leverage Talent High rating managers are more likely to give coaching to all employees so that they could learn and develop new skills, as opposed to just those on management tracks or with performance issues.