Engagedly’s 360 Feedback module for ‘Admin’ has been revamped. You (the admin) will now have an ‘Overview’ of the key stats at all levels. You will also get an improved 360-degree feedback cycle and better insights on rating distributions.

Key Highlights

  • Role-based navigation 
  • Improved views and stats 
  • An “Overview” of the key stats at all levels 
  • Improved 360′ Cycle, Template Management and Nomination process 
  • Better insights on the rating distributions like Growth Opportunities, Potential Blindspots & Hidden Strength 


Visibility of New 360 Feedback – Admin Module

  • If you are an existing client, you would be able to see the old UI by default. If you are a new client, based on your request, new UI would be enabled.
  • If both Old UI and New UI are enabled for you, old UI data would not be seen on the new UI and vice versa.


  • As a site admin, you have an overview page where you can see all the below mentioned Alerts
    • Assign Template 
    • Nominate Respondents 
    • Finalize Nomination 
  • Clicking the action button on respective alerts will show a pop-up with the list of participants to perform respective actions.
  • You can dismiss the alerts and can view all the dismissed alerts by accessing the overflow menu.

Alerts for site admin


  • Under ‘Active Cycles’ on the overview page, you can see employees counts, ongoing, and declined counts of respondents for each active cycle.
  • By clicking the ‘Manage’ button, you can navigate to the manage page.
  • You will be able to edit, make a copy of the cycle, and archive the cycle by accessing overflow menus.

Manage Nominations

  • You can nominate respondents for your team members under ‘Manage Nominations’ tab.

Manage nominations


  • By clicking on the ‘Manage’ button, you will see a Manage Nominations pop-up where you can manage nominations.

Manage notifications popup


Active Cycles

  • You can view all the active cycles in the 360 Feedback.
  • You can also perform actions like Edit, Make a Copy, and Archive.

Active cycles


  • Cycle Stats can be viewed in a detailed view by clicking on the graph of each cycle card.

Cycle stats detailed view



Here you have access to perform various actions in the ‘Process & Reports’ tab for all employees.


  • On the ‘Manage’ page, you will be able to add, remove and manage the reviews of employees.
  • You can nominate the respondent for all employees in the cycle.

Process tab


  • You can manage review by viewing the users in different views like: 
    • Group by Employees 
    • Group by Respondents 
    • Group by None

Manage review


  • You can bulk import the employees’ details along with respondents through Manage Participants -> Import option

Manage participants.- import


  • You can see the submission stat in graphical format.
  • From the overflow menu, you can see hierarchy, hide submission status, manage columns, hide filters, and export participants along with their respondents with feedback status.

Submission stats in graphical format


  • You can perform various actions like assign/unassign templates, nudging, lock/unlock feedback and export users.


Actions - feedback, nudge, export



  • You can manage nominations of all the employees by choosing the ‘Nominate’ option in the ‘Manage Participants’ dropdown.

Manage participants


  • Clicking on the ‘Add’ button opens up an ‘Add Respondents’ pop-up, where you can add/remove participants.
  • In the pop-up, all the participants will be listed under respective relationships.
  • You can also search and add any users in the organization.

Add respondents


  • In the ‘Add Respondents’ pop-up, there is an option to add external respondents where you can nominate users from outside the organization.

Add external respondents



  • You can view reports of each participant in the cycle which will show a summary of feedback areas reviewed by their  respondents with the below labels: 
    • Potential blind spots 
    • Hidden strengths 
    • Growth Opportunities

Summary of each participants


  • Each feedback area and its representative behaviors in the review form are detailed out with the respective rating points of each employee.

Feedback areas



  • You can access the 360 feedback cycles listing page by navigating Admin -> 360 Feedback -> Cycles.
  • There you can create, edit, delete, add users, share the cycle with other users and navigate to the respective manage page. 
  • Users with ‘Manage Multirater Cycles’ can access the template listing page by navigating Manage -> 360 Feedback -> Cycles.
  • On the cycle listing page, you can see the statistics and filter the cycles based on cycle name, active/archived status, and only favorite cycles.

360 feedback cycles


cycle information



  • You can access the 360 Feedback templates listing page by navigating Admin -> 360 Feedback -> Templates.
  • You can create a new template by clicking the ‘Create Template’ button. 
  • In the ‘Templates’, you can have a list of questions by creating sections and subsections (feedback areas and representative behaviors).

360 feedback templates


  • You can edit, assign, delete, copy, preview and archive/unarchive templates by accessing the overflow menu.
  • You can share/change the ownership of the templates with any users in the organization who has “Manage Multirater Permission’
  • Users with “Manage Multirater Templates” can access the template listing page by navigating Manage -> 360 Feedback -> Templates and perform all the above actions on templates that are owned/shared by them. 
  • In the template listing page, templates can be filtered by name, creator, last updated date, active/archived status, and only favorite templates.

360 feedback templates.


Talent Profile

  • You can view 360 Feedback of all employees in the ‘Talent Profiles’ screen as well.

Admin Talent Profile


  • 360 Feedback will be shown under the ‘Talent Profile’ tab with Cycle Name, Self Rating, Manager Rating, and Respondents Ratings
    • Click on the ‘Cycle Name’ and you will be redirected to ‘Employee’s Report’
    • By clicking on the graph you will be able to see the ratings

Cycle name - employees report


Resource Centre

  • 360 Feedback will also be available in ‘Resource Centre’ tab under the 360 feedback section 
    • Click on ‘Cycle Name’ and you will be redirected to ‘Employee’s Report’
    • By clicking on the graph you will be able to see the ratings
    • You can search review using ‘Cycle Name’ and ‘Cycle Period’ date filter

Resource centre