We have introduced two new features in the 360 Feedback module: 360 feedback analytics and the ability to add job competencies to the feedback template.


Now, users can view detailed analytics for 360 Feedback through the all-new Reports feature.


Reports show analytics to users based on the permissions they have. For example, an employee will only see analytics based off their 360 feedback.


On the other hand, a manager can view 360 feedback analytics for not only themselves, but also for their direct reports.


An administrator will have greater freedom and can not only view 360 feedback analytics for themselves, but also by managers, job titles, locations etc.

Reports For Employees

You can view your reports by selecting the cycle and ‘my report’ from the drop down.
The report is by default shown in a pictorial form with five graphs.

  1. Highest Rated Areas – The competencies/areas that have received the highest rating.
  2. Lowest Rated Areas – The competencies/areas that have received the lowest ratings.
  3. Potential Blindspots – The competencies/areas where you have rated yourself higher than the others and the difference between your rating and the overall average rating given by your peers and others.
  4. Ratings –  This graph is a breakdown of all the ratings given for the current cycle, separated by rater groups and competency areas.
  5. Gap – The gaps/differences between your self-rating and the average ratings of others, all separated by competency. If there’s a positive difference, it means that you have rated yourself higher than what the others have rated you.

In the tabular view, you can view the analytics for the selected cycle in the numerical form. Next to the competencies, Peer Ratings, Others Ratings, Self Ratings, Average Rating ( Peer + Others), Target Ratings are shown.

Reports For Managers

Go to ‘Reports’ in the multi-rater module.

Select the Cycle that you want to see analytics for and select My Report or My Team from the dropdown menu next to it. Once selected, click on Apply Filter.

Reports For Administrators


After going to ‘Reports’ in the multi-rater module, select the Cycle that you want to see analytics for. Now, select whose reports you want to view.


Administrators can not only view reports based on the 360 feedback they’ve received, but they can also view it for their Team, the entire Organization, or even filter according to Manager, Department, Job Title, Location etc.


Also, when an administrator decides to view reports based on Location, another menu appears. From here, administrators can decide which Location’s analytics they want to view.


You can sort the list either based on the users or the competencies. Column visibility on this page allows you to hide any columns from the page. This does not make any changes to the data.

Competencies in Job Titles


It is now possible to add competencies to Job Titles. To add a competency to a job title, go to Job Titles in Settings.


When you click on a Job Title, at the bottom, you will see ‘+Add Competencies’. Click on that to add competencies from an available list of competencies.


It is even possible to add targets to competencies.  Targets are the recommended rating users should receive in a 360 feedback review. Currently, targets can only be set for competencies which have been added to job titles.


For other competencies, the target is the highest number in a rating scale. For example, if a rating scale runs from 1 to 5, 5 would be the target for competencies.