Engagedly’s 360 Feedback module for ‘Teams’ has been revamped. You (the manager) will now have an ‘Overview’ of the key stats of your team, secondary team, and the entire team. You will also get an improved 360-degree feedback cycle and better insights on rating distributions.

Key Highlights

  • Role-based navigation 
  • Improved views and stats 
  • An ‘Overview’ of the key stats of your Team Members, Secondary Team & the Entire Team
  • Improved 360′ Cycle, Template Management and Nomination process 
  • Better insights on the rating distributions like Growth Opportunities, Potential Blindspots & Hidden Strengths


Visibility of New 360 Feedback – Teams Module

  • If you are an existing client, you would be able to see the old UI by default. If you are a new client, based on your request, new UI would be enabled.
  • If both Old UI and New UI are enabled for you, old UI data would not be seen on the new UI and vice versa.


  • An overview is a section where you (the manager) have access to perform actions in Alerts, Manage, Nominations, and My Team Overview Stats.




  • On the overview page, you can see all the below mentioned Alerts:
    • Assign Template
    • Nominate Respondents
    • Finalize Nomination

Overview - Alerts


Assign Template

  • Click on ‘Assign Template’ in ‘Alerts’ and the template pop-up would be shown to you.

Assign template


Nominate Respondents

  • On clicking ‘Nominate Respondents’ button in Alerts, the Manage Nominations pop-up would be shown where you can Add/Delete Nominees.

Nominate Respondents

Nominate Respondents - Teams demo


Alerts Dismiss

  • You can dismiss all the alerts by clicking on the ‘Overflow’ menu.
  • All the dismissed alerts will be stored in the ‘Dismissed Alerts’ pop-up.

Alert Dismiss


Manage Nominations

  • You (the manager) can nominate respondents for your team members under the ‘Manage Nominations’ Tab.

Manage nominations


  • On clicking the ‘Manage’ button, you will be taken to the ‘Manage Nominations’ pop-up where you can manage nominations.

Manage nominations - Teams Demo


My Team Overview Stats

This is a place where you get the entire stats about your Team Members, Secondary Team, and Entire Team Member’s  Feedback and its chart. 

  • There is a filter functionality where you can see information based on Team Members, Secondary Team, Entire Team, and  Skip Level Feedback.

My team overview


  • You have a filter to see feedback overview stats based on duration.

Feedback overview filter


  • By clicking on ‘Graph’, you can view the feedback chart which consists of Self Rating, Manager Rating, and Other Respondent’s rating.

View feedback chart

Self, Manager, Respondent's Rating


  • When you click on an employee’s feedback card, you will be redirected to the Feedback report of that employee

Feedback card


  • ‘Include Rating’ is a feature to view ratings on the cards

Include rating feature on feedback card



Here you (the manager) have access to perform various actions in the ‘Process’ & ‘Reports ‘tab for Team, Secondary Team, and Entire Team.


  • You have the complete view of your team, secondary team, and entire team members’ information of the ‘Cycle’ which will be represented in an AG grid table
  • You have the access to nominate respondents for your team, secondary team, and entire team members from the AG grid, by clicking on ‘Add’.

360 Feedback - Manage - Cycle



  • You can manage the nominations of your team, secondary team, and entire team members by choosing the ‘Nominate’  option in the ‘Manage Participants’ drop-down and the ‘Add’ button in AG grid based on the cycle settings.

Manage nomination of the team


Manage nominations - Teams Demo


  • Clicking on the ‘Add’ button opens up an ‘Add Respondents’ pop-up, where you (the admin) can add/remove participants. 
  • All the users will be listed under the respective relationships (Manager, Team Members, Skip-level Managers, etc.).
  • You can also search using filters and add any users in the organization.

Add respondents


  • If you are a manager, you can manage the review by viewing the users in different views like:
    • Group by Employees
    • Group by Respondents
    • Group by None

Manage review by groups


  • You can perform various actions like Assign Template, Lock Feedback, Nudge, and Export from the ‘Actions’ button.

Actions button


Actions - Feedback, nudge, export


  • By clicking on the overflow menu, you can perform actions like:
    • Show Hierarchy View
    • Show Submission Status
    • Manage Columns
    • Hide Filters
    • Export

Overflow menu - actions


  • You have the access to perform various actions on the AG grid table at Employee’s Column

Actions at Employees column



  • You can view reports of each participant in the cycle, which will give a summary of feedback areas reviewed by their respondents with the below labels: 
    • Potential blind spots
    • Hidden strengths
    • Growth Opportunities

Reports of each participant

Reports - Potential blindspots


  • You can view Summary, Feedback Areas, and Ratings of your team, secondary team, and entire members by clicking on the respective tab.

Summary, Feedback Areas, Ratings


  • You can choose to see reports of your team, secondary team, and entire team by clicking on the filter shown in the below picture.

Reports of my team, secondary team, entire team


Talent Profile

  • You can view 360 feedback of your team members, secondary team, and the entire team in ‘Talent Profile’ screen.

Talent profile


  • 360 feedback will be shown under ‘Talent Profile’ tab with Cycle Name, Self Rating, Manager Rating, and Respondents Ratings:
    • Clicking on the ‘Cycle Name’ will redirect you to the employee’s report
    • You can click on the graph to view ratings

Talent profile - Cycle name, self rating, manager rating


Resource Centre

  • 360 Feedback will also be available in the ‘Resource Centre’ tab under the ‘360 Feedback’ section 
    • Clicking on the ‘Cycle Name’ will redirect you to the employee’s report
    • You can click on the graph to view ratings
    • You can search review using ‘Cycle Name’ and cycle period date filter

Resource centre - 360 feedback