5 Ways Simple Communication Can Improve Workplace Productivity 5 months ago

Guest post by Sanjay Darji, Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest

Communication – It’s absolutely essential to keep the wheels of productivity turning at your workplace!

Without a synergetic system of communication in place, any organization will face difficulties in achieving end goals and even in functioning properly. Poor communication may start a whole destructive chain of events which lead to a loss of bottom-line profits in the long run. So, let’s see how these five simple measures can help us make our workplace communication effective and make productivity levels soar higher:

Clarity in Directions

Effective communication drives results! Coordinated communication between organizational hierarchies is essential to ensure that everyone knows their work role and what is expected from them. Clear instructions give employees an action plan and they can focus on delivering the best results in a timely manner. Company newsletters, manuals, charts, intranet updates and face-to-face meetings are great ways to pass clear directions to employees so that they know their duties. This leads to a massive betterment of performance at the workplace and improves productivity levels.

Employee Empowerment

A transparent culture is characterized by a feeling of empowerment and trust. When there is open communication with employees across all levels, they feel valued and have increased faith in the organizational leadership. There is a collaborative effort to share information and nothing is concealed for personal advancement. An open work environment encourages employees to communicate freely without any barriers and empowers them. Companies with great work cultures and empowered employees excel across spectrums and are the best places to work at.

Enhance Accountability Levels

With effective communication policies in place, each employee is aware of the level of personal accountability. Internal communication promotes goal clarity and people are invested in achieving tasks allotted to them. It encourages employees to own up and take responsibility for targets that have to be accomplished. A lack of communication means employees do not know what results are desired from them and hence, there is no accountability. So, senior managers should utilize communication as a tool to harness the power of employee accountability for improving productivity at work.

Reduce Confusions and Misunderstandings

Breakdown in communication can prove to be the downfall of many organizations. Miscommunication happens when individuals exchange information without clearly understanding one another. This can result in misinterpreted facts and details, which can lead to confusion and chaos at different levels. Misunderstandings, errors and poor team performances are all results of poor communication at the workplace. Failure to communicate effectively also leads to conflict between individuals or teams, which can harm an organization. It’s important to have open communication so as to prevent any kind of unnecessary negative conflict which will hamper productivity and also waste precious time.

A Healthy Work Culture

Communication is one of the key ingredients in promoting a healthy and happy work culture. Employees should have no fear in communicating freely with colleagues, superiors and team members. Employee well-being should be stressed upon and there should be different channels through which employees can get their voices heard by the management. A healthy work environment thrives on transparency, respect, openness and a two-way flow of information. Good communication can be a great morale booster for employees, keeping them sincerely engaged and motivated enough to give in their best at work.

These five tips can surely help you revolutionize your workplace communication and fast-track your organization onto the path of success! These tips can also help you with the performance management of your organization as they have shown amazing after-effects in the productivity of the organization.

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