Massachusetts, United States


Improve performance review process


Actifio implemented Engagedly to increase employee engagement


Increase Employee Engagement by Nearly 100%


Easy, Comprehensive Performance Review Increase Employee Engagement by Nearly 100%

Actifio helps global enterprise customers and service provider partners in 38 countries around the world to virtualize their data.

Before choosing Engagedly, Actifio tried out product demos from various other products but felt that they are either too expensive or had a very little appeal for the users. When Actifio used the manual, “low-tech” employment performance process, just 45-50% of employees submitted their self-evaluations for their annual reviews. Now, the software adoption is at 90%.

Because of Engagedly’s approachability, Actifio’s HR director, Logan Thompson believes the adoption rate will “only go up from there.”

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