Follow the steps below to integrate with ADP Marketplace

Step 1: Engagedly App in ADP Marketplace

The first step to purchasing Engagedly via the ADP marketplace is to look for the Engagedly app. In order to purchase the app through ADP, you must be an ADP client with a login.

Step 2: Purchase the Engagedly App

Once you’ve found the Engagedly app, click on ‘Start A Free Trial’ if you want to experience the app but are not yet sure about making the purchase.

If you want to sign up right away, click on ‘Choose An Edition to Purchase’. We have several options available and you can choose one based on your organization’s needs.

Step 3: Adding Users to the Engagedly App.

In this step, you will have to assign users to the Engagedly app. The Engagedly App will be visible to you in the list of app you have purchased.

Next to the Engagedly app, you will see a column of users who are a part of Engagedly. Select the users whom you want to add and then click on Save Changes.

Note: Only users who have been added at this stage can login to Engagedly through ADP.

Step 4: Updating User Demographics.

Updating user demographics can only be done through the Engagedly application at the moment. Follow the instructions here to update user demographics for individuals or a number of users at one go.