Amplify your organization’s productivity with Engagedly! Our modules are integrated into G Suite email and MS Outlook, making it easier than ever to triage tasks in the flow of work. Empower your teams further by leveraging AMP and AM’s technology to quicken those crucial decisions, conversations, and interactions without tedious context switching between apps.

Here’s a glimpse of the wonderful advantages that await, and transform the way you work.

Get lightning-fast feedbacks on the go

With Engagedly, enjoy the power of interactive emails within your G Suite email and MS Outlook. AMP’s cutting-edge technology allows you to respond, nudge, and leave a comment straight from the inbox. So, responding to feedback requests are done in a flash, and on the go.

Update goals in the flow of work

You can now track your goals, take part in conversations, and update your progress all without leaving your G Suite and MS Outlook inbox. This enables you to engage with your goals and it gives you more time to achieve your objectives.

Socializing efforts minimized

Thanks to Engagedly’s Social module, it’s a cinch to interact with colleagues, keep track of important announcements, write a post, leave a comment, and share views with up-vote/down-vote acknowledgment – because it’s all done in your inbox. In short, it redefines convenience.

Better survey responses

Don’t ever miss out on surveys. You can now respond to surveys, weekly team pulse, and engagement surveys directly from your G Suite email and MS Outlook. It also accelerates your survey response rate with Engagedly’s interactive surveys. Frankly, saying ‘yes’ to surveys has never been this easy.

It’s pronto when it comes to praises

Saying kudos or thanking someone for a pat on the back, or liking/commenting on a praise can all be done on G Suite email and MS Outlook – promptly, and effortlessly.

Break out of the app-juggling routine and take your organization’s performance to the next level. Get ready for an enhanced flow of work that maximizes results. Amplify productivity, reduce procrastination, and take efficiency to new heights! Get ready for that AMPed up feeling – it’s gonna change everything.

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“​​From the process standpoint, we have revolutionized the efficiency of reviews. A process that once took four months now takes four weeks. And best of all, measuring employee growth isn’t limited to annual reviews.”

Mark Nemeth
head of performance optimization

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