Follow the steps below to integrate with BambooHR

Step: 1

Request Engagedly’s support team to integrate Engagedly with BambooHR

Step: 2

Login to Engagedly application with your user credentials

Step: 3

Go to settings >> Click on Integrations >> BambooHR

Step: 4

Add the BambooHR subdomain that you want to integrate with Engagedly and save it.

Step: 5

Once you add the sub-domain, you will be asked to login to your BambooHR account, if you’re not already logged in.

Step: 6

Once the integration between BambooHR and Engagedly is successful, you will be able to see the BambooHR URL and API key as shown below.

Step: 7

After this you can login to the Bamboohr application and perform any actions like adding a new employee, updating employee details or terminating an employee.

Step: 8

Field mapping details

  • The connector app uses the access key obtained using openID connect and appends this in header of the APIs that are called for getting data from bambooHR.
  • The scheduler runs twice a day (12:00 am and 12:00 pm UTC).
  • The below fields are synced using connector
  • Email and Employee ID are mandatory fields.
No. Engagedly Request Fields Data Type BambooHR Response Fields Data Type
1. first_name string firstName string
2. middle_name string middleName string
3. last_name string lastName string
4. email string workEmail string
5. employee_id string employeeNumber string
6. joining_date date hireDate date
7. birth_date date dateOfBirth date
8. location string location list
9. job_title string jobTitle list
10. departments array of ids department List
11. manager_id string supervisorEId integer

Step: 9

All the changes you make on BambooHR will be updated on Engagedly in a span of five minutes.

Step: 10

You can find the changes that you made to users in BambooHR on Engagedly, through the ‘Users’ page.

Login to Engagedly >> Select Settings >> Click on the ‘Users’ in the Users/Groups section.

Step: 11

You can find all the active users by selecting ‘Active’ or ‘All’ in the drop-down list on the ‘Users’ page. You can find all the terminated employees by selecting ‘Blocked’ in the same drop-down.

Note: Before the integration happens, the super admin should enable Engagedly API and BambooHR API for a client and the Engagedly API should be linked to the client from the database