We have introduced a new enhanced called Birthday Alerts and Work Anniversary Alerts. This feature will help administrators, managers and colleagues know when a user has an upcoming birthday or a work anniversary.

Administrators can now enable Birthday Alerts/Work Anniversaries in an organization. This can be done through Organization Settings on the Settings page.


If you enable the ‘Public Feed’ option, then a list of upcoming birthdays/upcoming anniversaries of their teammates/direct reports will be displayed in a widget on the user’s feed page. A message about the user’s birthday/work anniversary will also be displayed as a post on the feed page.

If you enable the ‘In App’ notification option, then users will receive notifications about the upcoming birthdays/work anniversaries of their team mates/direct reports only through the app.

If you enable the ‘Email’ notification option, then users will receive an email notification about the upcoming birthdays/anniversaries of their team mates/direct reports.


Administrators can also select who the recipients of these alerts will be. It can either be the admin, the manager, the colleague or all the three.

Points for Birthday Alerts/Work Anniversary Alerts

When it is a user’s birthday or work anniversary, they can receive points for it. This only happens if the admin chooses to allocate points for a birthday alert/work anniversary alert.


This can be done from the Gamification Rules in Settings.