Engagedly has partnered with BizLibrary to offer industry-leading online training courses to elevate employees’ skills and create better places to work.

The BizLibrary Collection is an award-winning, aggregated, online training library containing thousands of micro-videos on a wide variety of topics focused on employee development and skills.

The course library provided within Engagedly LMS includes a variety of interactive training on subjects ranging from HR Compliance, Workplace Safety, Business Skills, Software, Leadership & Management, Information Technology, and Sales & Service.

Is your training program everything it could be?

How satisfied are you with your current training efforts? Maybe you’re focused on compliance, or you’re trying to get new managers up to speed, or maybe training is one of those things that haunts your never-ending to-do list each week (I get it). Wherever you are on your training journey, we can help.

What makes BizLibrary courses effective?

A large selection of courses

The BizLibrary contains thousands of video lessons and courses, with an average of 100+ new titles added monthly and a 90-day retirement period for content to keep the content fresh and relevant.

Learning Reinforcement

A wide variety of support materials such as quizzes , transcripts, and other support materials are available for each lesson to reinforce learning, extend learning retention, and increase ROI.

Courses Tailored For All

From short, micro-video lessons, to more in-depth video courses, interactive video programs, eBooks, and eLearning courses, BizLibrary offers content that meets the needs of all types of learners.


BizLibrary’s mobile-responsive design allows users to access the content from any device and from anywhere around the world at their free will.

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“​​From the process standpoint, we have revolutionized the efficiency of reviews. A process that once took four months now takes four weeks. And best of all, measuring employee growth isn’t limited to annual reviews.”

Mark Nemeth
head of performance optimization

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