Engagedly Academy Overview

Engagedly has introduced a new feature known as the Engagedly Academy.This feature is available to all of our clients and is denoted by a graduation cap icon on top of the page and can be seen next to the bell notification icon.
engagedly learning academy

The impetus behind the Engagedly Academy was to disseminate HR knowledge and help our clients become more familiar with some of the more complex aspects of HR.

It also aims to share information about industry best practices that can help users with regards to performance management, feedback, goal setting, employee engagement, etc.

The Engagedly Academy consists of courses created by HR experts at Engagedly.

These courses are available to all users in an organization. A user can choose to assign a course to themselves, or even assign the course to others.

It is similar to Learning module in that if a user assigns a course to themselves, it will show up in the Learning module, in the Assigned To Me tab.

Engagedly academy is available to all the users of Engagedly regardless of the ‘Learning module’ being included in their package.