Integrating Gusto with Engagedly

Gusto is a modern HR platform that helps your business manage all the records in one place.

Synchronization Specifications

Following are the default fields that can be synced from Gusto to Engagedly:

  • Employee first name

  • Employee last name

  • Job title

  • Work email address

  • Manager

  • Employee status (Active, Blocked)


  1. Above is the default field mappings that are configured while establishing sync for the first time. Mappings can be customized according to your requirements.
  2. For the initial sync, only permanent employees are synced from Gusto to Enagegdly.
  3. Contractual employees are not synced during the initial synchronization process.

How to set it up:

After the admin of your organization has enabled Gusto, you will be able to access it in the Engagedly tool.

Step 1: Setting Up The Connection

  • Login to the Engagedly application
  • Go to Settings –> Integrations
  • On the integrations tab, you will see Gusto as one of the options to connect

  • Click on connect
  • You will get a pop-up where you have to login with your Gusto credentials or any of the SSO options

Once you have provided your credentials, you need to authorize the integration process

  • Once you have provided the authorization, Gusto will be connected to the Engagedly application and will be ready for the integrations process
  • Companies selected in the Engagedly’s integration page would be included in the sync process, unselected companies would be excluded from the sync.

  • If you want to disable the sync between Gusto and Engagedly, you have to click on the disconnect button.

  • You can re-authorize the connection by following the same steps as above.

Types of synchronization

1. Manual Synchronization

You can synchronize users manually from Gusto to Engagedly by following these steps:

  • Login to the Engagedly application
  • Go to Settings –> Integrations –> Gusto
  • Click on the ‘SYNC USERS’ button.

After every successful sync, you will receive an email notification.

2. Automatic Synchronization

In case of automatic synchronization-

  • After the successful authroization of a Gusto account, users would be synchronized once in 24 hours based on the default time configuration.
  • By default, the sync time configuration is 6:30 AM UTC. Contact the support team if you want to change the sync time.

After every successful synchronization, the user who has initiated the process will receive an email notification.

Email Notifications

After every successful synchronization (both for creating and updating), a status report will be sent via email to the user who have initiated the synchronization.

Step 2: Adding Employee In Gusto

Step 3: Field Mappings

These are the field mappings in the current system. However, the field mappings can be implemented based on client requirements later. 


No. Gusto fields Engagedly fields
1. First name First Name
2. Last name Last Name
3. Work Email Email
4. Manager Reporting to
5. Job Title Job Title
6. Terminated Status


Along with the field mappings, the client has to provide the settings like whether they want to 

      • Sync only the active Employees 
      • Sync all the Employees (active, dismissed) 
      • Sync all the Department, Managers, Job titles, and locations details 


      • Dismissal of employees in Gusto is considered as BLOCKED Employees under Engagedly.
      • Fields like Level, Gender, Secondary Phone Number, Business Unit, HR Managers, Secondary Managers, Ethnicity are not mapped in Engagedly.

Step 4: Synchronizing Employee Accounts

Based on these details from the client, the engineering team will integrate the process of syncing all the Employee accounts from Gusto to Engagedly. A CRON job will be implemented on a daily basis. So that, the Employee accounts in Gusto will be up to date in the Engagedly application. 

      • Adding a new employee 
      • Updating the existing employee details, 
      • Blocking or dismissing the employees 
      • Editing the Department, Job Titles and other employee information present in your field mapping will be synced on the next scheduled CRON job.

Gusto User List: 

Engagedly User List:

Step 5: Troubleshooting Syncing Issues

If an admin changes or token is invalid, then in that case, the user can follow the below steps to re-connect between Engagedly and Gusto.

  • Sign in to Engagedly

  • Go to settings –> Click on Integrations

  • Find GUSTO in the listing

  • If it’s already connected, User has to DISCONNECT and Re-Connect again

  • Click on CONNECT button

  • In the Pop-up window Enter valid Username and Password –> Select desired GUSTO company and
    Click on AUTHORIZE

Disconnect the Integration process between Engagedly and Gusto

If the user wants to stop the syncing process between Engagedly & Gusto, the user can follow the below steps.

  • Sign in to Engagedly

  • Go to settings –> Click on Integrations

  • Find GUSTO in the listing

  • Click on the DISCONNECT button

How to merge users between Engagedly and Gusto for the below scenario :

1. An employee exists on Engagedly with the following information:

2. The employee is then created on Gusto by the following information:

In the above scenario, there would be neither a name nor email match found.

Solution :

At the time of creating an organization, we can select either Employee ID or EMAIL ID as the Unique identifier to identify the users for the sync process.

  • For the above scenario, we can select the Unique identifier as Employee ID. Before initiating the sync process, you need to get the Employee ID for that particular user and Map it manually in Engagedly.

  • Employee ID can be copied from URL, as shown in the below attachment


  • Copied Employee ID has to be added in Engagedly Employee ID field
  • Now you can initiate the Sync process, and employee details will be updated.