Intranet – Overview

The Intranet feature is meant to serve as a pinboard of sorts where site administrators can create important posts to share with the rest of the organization.

The Intranet page consists of postcards, pending items, recent activities, library and a bulletin board. Site administrators can choose to enable or disable this feature through the ‘Manage Features’ function in Settings.

Post Cards

These are essentially posts about upcoming events or announcements that you want to share with the rest of the organization. To create a postcard, click on ‘Add Card’ and create your post. Postcards are meant to be brief and concise messages. To edit or delete posts, hover on the top right corner of the post you want to edit and you will see a Settings icon. Hovering on that icon will display the Edit and Delete function.


It is also possible to drag cards around to arrange them in any order that the site administrator wants. To drag a card, hover on the top left button and you will see the drag symbol. Click and hold down the mouse to drag the card.

Pending Items

This card shows users tasks that are yet to be completed such as courses, feedback requests, surveys etc. Clicking on any one of your pending items will redirect you to that page so that you can complete your task.

Recent Activities

This card shows users all of their recent activity, such as posting a status update, completing a review, commenting on a post etc.


The Library essentially acts as a repository for documents that site administrators upload to the Home page. To upload a document to  the Library, site administrators should click on the file upload icon on the top right corner of the Library card. Once a file has been uploaded, it can be deleted from the Library as well. The delete icon will be visible to site administrators when they hover on the right side of the uploaded document.


Site administrators can also create a folder for documents with a similar theme and then upload documents within that folder. To upload documents to a folder, first create the folder by clicking on the “+” symbol. Once a folder has been created, click on the file upload icon, shown as Attachments and add files to the dolder.  The upload, edit and delete icons are all visible when site administrators hover on the right side of the folder.


To view a document, all users need to do is click on the document.

Bulletin Board

This card is meant for important announcements that you would like to make. To make a bulletin board post, click on the “+” sign. To edit or delete a post, hover on the right side of the post to do so. While posts cards can be used for announcements of any kind, bulletin boards are meant to highlight pressing or important bulletins alone.

Who can make posts or bulletins?

Only a site administrator can make posts or bulletins on the Intranet page. Users can see the intranet page, but not make any changes to it or create posts or bulletins of their own. However, it is important to note that the Pending Items and Recent Activities will change according to the user who is viewing the page. The postcards and the bulletin board on the other hand remain static.