Integrating Paylocity with Engagedly

Paylocity is an HR and payroll provider with whom we have an integration partnership. Follow the steps below to have a seamless data sync between Paylocity and Engagedly.

How to set it up:

Step 1:
You have to complete the PADE form and return it to your dedicated Paylocity account manager.

Step 2:
Once the PADE form is submitted and verified successfully, email us your CompanyID of Paylocity to

Step 3:
Our team will verify the integration with Paylocity.

Step 4:
Once the verification is done, the daily sync setup will be made available from Engagedly’s engineering team.

List of field syncs from Paylocity to Engagedly:

No Fields Data Type
1. firstName string
2. middleName string
3. lastName string
4. phoneNumber number
5. secondaryPhoneNumber number
6. joiningDate date
7. employeeId string
8. email string
9. birthdate date
10. gender string
11. jobTitle string
12. Location string
13. ReportsTo string
14. Departments string
15. BusinessUnits string