Engagedly’s performance module is now upgraded with a more powerful and flexible org dashboard for better management of performance cycles and many other exciting features!

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Team Dashboard

As a manager, you can take part in the performance review process through the Team Dashboard.

From the Team Dashboard, a manager can carry out the following actions.

Assign Templates – The manager can assign templates to his direct reports.

Share Templates – The manager can share templates with his direct reports

Notify your direct reports – The manager can notify his direct reports to complete their self-reviews.

Complete manager review – The manager can review his direct reports from the Team Dashboard.

Unlock reviews/Recall templates – A manager can unlock an employee’s review once it has  been submitted and also recall templates that have been assigned and shared with employees.

Complete additional reviews – If a manager has been invited to act as an additional reviewer for one of their past direct reports or someone who they worked with on a project, they will see the request on the Team Dashboard page. They can complete the additional review from here.

Template Creation

Managers can create templates for their direct reports as well, if they have been given permission by the HR to do so.

Templates can be created from the Templates tab.

To create a new template, click on ‘+ New Template’.

First, add in your Title, Description and Tags. You also have the choice to add Goals to your template as well as Competencies linked to job titles. To enable both these features, click on ‘No’ and the feature will be enabled. This step is completely optional and up to the discretion of the users.

Once you click on Save, you will directed to the next part of template creation.

Note: When the Goals module integration is enabled you will see a section called ‘Goals’ added automatically to the template. You just need to set the ‘who can rate’ and ‘who can comment’ setting and save.

The next thing for you to do add is a section to the template. To add, click on the +ADD SECTION button, Provide the section title, description, set who can rate and comment preferences and save.

Once the section is added you can now add questions (KRAs – Key Result Areas) and sub-questions (KPAs – Key Performance Areas) to it. For example, a KRA can be ‘Product Deliverables’ and the following KPAs can be Feature Enhancements, Quality of Deliverables etc.

To add a new Question, click on the “+” sign. To add sub question, click on “Add Sub Question” icon, which is right next to the “+” sign.

To add competencies from Engagedly’s competency library, click on “+Search and Add”

Note: If a question has sub-questions, only the sub-questions can be rated and commented upon. If there are no sub-questions, then it is possible to rate and comment upon the question.

Once you have added all your sections in a template, it is ready to be assigned. It is important to remember that any changes that are made to a template after it has been shared with employees will not reflect in the template.

Assigning a performance review template to direct reports

Note: All the columns in the Team Dashboard can be sorted.

This can be done in two ways:


  • Go to ‘Team Dashboard’ and select the cycle that you want to conduct a review for.
  • Click on ‘Assign’ button beside the direct report name that you want to assign the template to.
  • Select a template from the list of available templates.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.

Note:- Managers can share and assign templates only if HR gives them the permission to do so.


  • Go to ‘Templates’ in the ‘Performance’ menu.
  • From the list of templates on the page, select the ‘Assign’ action from the Actions menu on the template that you want to assign.
  • In the lightbox that opens up, select the cycle you want to assign the template for and click on Next.
  • Then select the direct reports and click  on ‘Add’. Once you are done adding employees, click on Save.

Rating Direct Report’s Performance Review Template

Your direct reports can see the assigned template and review their performance only after  the administrator shares it through his ‘Org Dashboard’. Manager can also notify them to complete it through their ‘Team Dashboard’.

To notify direct reports about completing the review, go to ‘Team Dashboard’ and select ‘Notify’ under Employee actions. Check the Direct Report’s name and click ‘Notify’ button.

Once the direct report completes reviewing his performance and shares the template with the manager, the manager can review and rate it.

You will receive a notification when your direct report submits an employee review. Click on the notification and you will be redirected to the ‘Performance Review’ page where you can rate and review the performance of your direct report.

In a typical review form, managers will need to add ratings, remarks and manager recommendations as well.

Additionally, managers can also fill in a few additional sections such as the ones listed out below.

Development Plan

In this area, managers can make note of any future development plans they want the reviewee to participate in.

One on One Meeting

In this area, managers can set up a one on one meeting with the reviewee, which can be held after the review process is complete.

Reviewer Notes

In this area, managers can make additional comments that they do not want add in the main review form.

Training Recommendations

Resource Center

The expandable ‘resource center’ bar on the bottom of the page helps you quickly go through the reviewee details like.

Job Description – Here you can see the job description and responsibilities of the reviewee

Goals – This section shows you the active and archived goals of the reviewee from previous six months to the current date. You can also use the date picker to find goals from a particular date and search bar for easy search.

Feedback – This section shows you the feedback received by the reviewee from previous six months to the current date. You can also use the date picker to find feedback from a particular date and search bar for easy search.

Notes – This section shows you the notes where the reviewee has been mentioned from previous six months to the current date. You can also use the date picker to find notes from a particular date  and search bar for easy search.

Documents – This section shows you the documents that are uploaded by the manager/admin for the reviewee from previous six months to the current date. You can also use the date picker to find documents from a particular date  and search bar for easy search.

You can also download the documents by clicking the ‘download’ icon beside the document name.

Past Reviews – Here you can see the archived performance reviews of the reviewee from past six months. You can also use the date picker to find performance reviews from a particular date  and search bar for easy search.

360 Feedback – Here you can see the multi-rater feedback received by the reviewee in past six months. You can also use the date picker to find multi-rater feedback from a particular date  and search bar for easy search.

Once you have completed the review, click on ’Submit’ to make your rating visible to the direct report and the administrator. Once a review has been submitted, it gets locked. Only the HR can unlock the review.

Signing Off

Signing Off is a feature wherein, once a review has been submitted, the manager can sign off on the review, thereby preventing any further changes to the review.

Normally, the HR sets a date for the Sign Off option to appear. If the HR has not set a date, then the Sign Off option appears as soon as the review has been submitted by the HR.

When employees click on Performance, they will land on ‘My Dashboard’. Here, employees can see reviews they have to participate in as well as reviews about them. If they have the permission to create templates, then they can view the Templates page as well.

Pending Actions

Under Pending Actions, employees can see all the performance reviews they have been invited to be a part of. This includes self-reviews, manager reviews, additional reviews etc.

Additional Review Requests

Employees can be invited to act as additional reviewers for other users. In that case, when you have been added as a secondary reviewer, you will see a review request in the Pending Actions section. To complete the additional review, click on view.

Reviews About Me

Go to ‘Dashboard’ in the ‘Performance’ module. In ‘Reviews About Me’ you can find all the completed reviews about you (also self-reviews).  Click on ‘View’ to see the review.

Employee Self Review (Review Template Assigned By Manager)

When you log in to your Engagedly account, you will find a notification on your dashboard that a performance review template has been assigned to you.

Clicking on it will take you to ‘My Dashboard’ in the ‘Performance’ module. You will also receive a notification through email that a performance review template has been assigned to you.

You can find three tabs on the ‘Performance’ homepage: Dashboard, Templates and Team Dashboard.

You can find your review request in ‘Pending Reviews’/ ‘Pending Actions’  on the ‘Dashboard’. You can now review your performance by selecting ‘View’ next to it.

Self-review your performance by adding employee ratings, employee remarks, development plans, reviewer notes and training recommendations.

If Goals Module integration has been enabled, you can add relevant goals to your review form as well as and rate and comment on the goals.

It is important to remember that once goals have been added to the template, you cannot modify their progress within the template!

If your manager has added any One on One discussions to the review, you can see those as well.

You can also switch through the ‘Job Description’, ‘Goals’, ‘Documents’,’Feedback’, ‘Past Reviews’, ‘360 Feedback’ and ‘Learning’ tabs and use the information to review your performance better.

When entering/typing out a performance review, as you scroll down the page, the Save button also moves accordingly, so that you can save your progress as you enter the review. The review auto-saves every few seconds, with the time-stamp being visible.

It is possible for you to write/type the review partially, save it, and then go back to it at a later date.

You can share this self-review with your manager before the due-date by clicking on ‘Submit’.