Engagedly: Rewards

Engagedly allows you to award discretionary points to users in your organization. Click on the orange ‘+’ button on the bottom right end corner and select ‘Give Discretionary Points’.

The Plus Button

Fill out the form and specify how many points you want to give and to whom. After this, select a custom badge category from the ones available to you in the form. When you select a custom badge, your points will be added to the points existing on the custom badge. These points help users unlock various levels of the custom badge. As an administrator, you can either enable or disable the permission to give discretionary points. Go to ‘Manage Features’ under the ‘Organization’ tab. Under ‘Gamification’, you can check ‘Discretionary Points’ to enable it.


Note: Currently, Engagedly doesn’t have any budgetary control in place if reward redemption is enabled. Choose to give discretionary points wisely. You cannot undo the action after giving discretionary points to users.