Engagedly + HiBob

Reinvent your HR strategy by leveraging the power of Engagedly and HiBob

Engagedly and HiBob, a dynamic duo that will revolutionize your organization's HR processes, are now integrated. Embrace the future of work with two powerful platforms - an HRIS platform that matches business operations needs, and a people strategy platform that meets employees' needs. Boost performance, engagement, drive retention, and so much more with these platforms, and take your organization to new heights of success in the future of work.

Scalability and Flexibility

HiBob and Engagedly provide organizations with flexibility and scalability. Although HiBob can assist in accommodating more employee data, improving data management, and streamlining operations, Engagedly can help build a robust people strategy and expand functionalities focused on ensuring employees are engaged and perform at their best. The integration combines the benefits of an HRMS and an HRIS, giving organizations greater flexibility in HR technology infrastructure.

Improved Decision-Making

Using HiBob and Engagedly, you'll be able to access comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. This facilitates better decision-making. Organizations can gain valuable insight about their workforce using the combined data from both systems. By identifying and tracking key performance indicators, HR professionals and decision-makers can make data-driven decisions regarding talent acquisition, performance, engagement, development, and retention.

Improved Employee Lifecycle Management

Managing an employee's lifecycle is made easier with the integration of HiBob and Engagedly. With the combined system, employee data, processes, and workflows are managed with a cohesive approach from recruitment to performance management to engagement, and offboarding. The result is a more consistent approach to the management of data and processes throughout the organization, reducing administrative burdens, and improving data and process management throughout the journey.

Enhanced Employee Experience

The combination of HiBob's features and Engagedly's performance management, engagement, and development modules creates a truly comprehensive employee experience. It makes it easier for employees to access and update their information, receive feedback about their work, focus on their performance, learn and grow continuously. The employee experience is ultimately enhanced when they are able to access resources with greater clarity and ease.

Streamlined Processes

With HiBob and Engagedly integrated, data silos are eliminated, and information flows seamlessly across HR processes. The result is a reduction in duplicate data entry, an elimination of repetitive tasks, and an overall improvement in efficiency. For instance, Engagedly automatically reflects the addition or update of a user in HiBob without additional effort. Similarly, deleting a user results in seamless synchronization. Due to streamlined processes, HR functions more efficiently.

With the integration of a comprehensive HRIS platform from HiBob, and a powerful people strategy platform from Engagedly, organizations can streamline operations, manage data accurately, increase performance, engage employees, comply with regulations, and scale over time. HR leaders can use this integration to drive strategic initiatives, cultivate a culture of success, and create a positive employee experience in the future of work.