Engagedly + OpenSesame

Create a culture of learning and growth with Engagedly + OpenSesame

With Engagedly and OpenSesame's integration, organizations can create a high-performance culture that drives growth and success. Today's workplace is changing rapidly, so employee development needs to go beyond just increasing productivity; it also has to involve creating a more equitable workforce. Organizations can leverage a comprehensive Learning Management System to assist them in preparing their workforce for the future of work.

A comprehensive solution

Through the integration of Engagely + OpenSesame, employees can be developed in a comprehensive way, from identifying skill gaps to tracking progress and aligning training with performance reviews. By upskilling their workforce, organizations can remain competitive and agile, and ultimately fill gaps in human resources in order to maximize their success with this integration.

Variety of content to meet your needs

There are more than 30,000 courses available in the OpenSesame content library. You will ensure that your employees have access to a wide variety of learning materials covering a wide range of topics. No matter whether you are looking for leadership development or compliance training, OpenSesame can help. As a result of this integration, your organization can also take advantage of the flexibility, and scalability of training programs, with a huge selection of courses tailored to your organization's needs.

Tailored learning experience

In OpenSesame's course library, you can find courses in several formats and languages. Employees can choose from videos, interactive modules, or text-based formats according to their preferred learning style. Additionally, a range of courses in multiple languages further enhances the diversity, and comprehensiveness of learning experiences for the employees. Offering a personalized learning experience also increases engagement and knowledge retention.

Offers access to industry-relevant learning content

The OpenSesame team curates high-quality training content in collaboration with top publishers and industry experts. Using the platform, you can access courses that have been developed by subject matter experts, ensuring that they are credible and relevant. By leveraging this trusted expertise, organizations can provide their employees with reliable, up-to-date training resources. This ensures the delivery of accurate and reliable training content.

Engaging gamification that boosts development

In order to motivate and engage employees, Engagedly adds a gamification element to the learning process. A sense of competition and achievement is created through the use of gamification features, such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards. This result is an increased participation rate among employees and greater enthusiasm for professional growth. This encourages a culture of learning and growth within the organization.

Increase transparency and accountability

The integration between Engagedly and OpenSesame ensures transparency and accountability in the learning process. Administrators can track, and monitor employee learning journeys, including completed courses, ongoing courses, and due courses. By tracking and reporting training initiatives, administrators can identify areas for improvement, measure their effectiveness, and demonstrate their impact. In this way, admins can monitor employees' learning progress in real-time.

The integration of Engagedly and OpenSesame offers a comprehensive, flexible, and engaging solution for employee development, empowering organizations to create a culture of learning and growth to win in the future of work.