Brand-new Surveys now available! Enhanced experience, new question types, follow-up questions, better visualisation of results and much more. This feature of Engagedly helps customers to collect data from their employees within the organization for various studies, in a relatively inexpensive manner. This project is one among a series of revamp projects for Tangerine, and has introduced better UX enhancements for both employees and survey creators. It also provides analytics on the survey. 

Create Survey

You will see the ‘Create Survey’ action button on different pages, such as:

  • Overview

Engagedly survey view 1

  • All Surveys

Engagedly survey view 2

  • Template Library

Engagedly survey view 3

You can create the survey in two ways

New Survey

  • Clicking on the ‘Create’ button, upon selecting ‘New Survey’, overlay ‘Create’ pop-up is displayed.

Engagedly create survey

  • You can fill the fields: Name, Description and enable ‘Make Responses Anonymous’
  • Upon clicking on ‘Show Advance Settings’, ‘Co-author’ for the survey can be searched and added 
  • ‘Thank you message’ is mandatory and pre-filled

Engagedly survey advanced settings

  • You can give the ‘Section Title’ and ‘Description’ along with 6 types of questions to the Questionnaire tab:

a) Multiple Choice
b) Rating Scale
c) Employee Net Promoter score
d) Text
e) Matrix
f) Date / TimeEngagedly survey question type

Use Template Library

  • Clicking on create button and selecting ‘Use a Template’, overlay ‘Template Library’ pop up is displayed

Engagedly survey use template

  • You can select any of the templates and click on ‘Use this Template’ or click on ‘View’ to preview the template

Engagedly survey template library

  • After clicking on the “Use this Template“, a pop-up will open with pre-filled name, description, and thank-you message

Enagagedly survey creation

  • On clicking ‘Create’, you will create the survey 

Survey Actions


  • You can edit a survey from the All surveys page. If you are a part of the survey as an author/co-author, clicking on the survey will navigate you to the survey details page to edit it. 
  • You can also edit the survey from template library. If you are a part of the survey template as either an author/co-author, by clicking on the overflow menu, you will get the edit option

Engagedly edit survey action


  • The Preview option appears on the Survey details page

Engagedly survey preview

  • Author/Co-Authors can scroll and see all the questions in the form 
  • Preview for Author/Co-Authors is the same as an employee and there are only multiple things that are different. They are: Header: It will have a preview followed by survey name
    Thank you screen
  • You can also preview the survey from the Template Library. Whether you are a part of the survey or not, clicking on the overflow menu, they will get a Preview option.

preview survey engagedly

Make a copy 

  • Under ‘All Surveys’, the listed survey’s overflow menu has an option to create a copy of that particular survey. Clicking on the ‘Make a Copy’ option creates a duplicate survey of that survey. All the questions of that particular survey are copied on the newly created survey.

Engagedly survey make a copy

Push to Library template 

  • The created survey can be Pushed to the Library either from the Survey Details page or from the All Survey section, and the template can only be used by the users with permission to create surveys in the organization.

Engagedly Survey Push To Library Template

View Responses 

  • ‘View Response’ action is available for all the surveys under the ‘All Surveys’ overflow menu. 
  • Clicking on the ‘View Response’, the user gets directed to the ‘Response’ section of that particular survey 

Engagedly survey view responses


‘Delete’ action is available for all the surveys under the ‘All Surveys’ overflow menu and also on the survey details page. You can delete any survey if you have the permission by clicking on the ‘Delete’ action.

Engagedly delete survey

Home – Surveys 

Pending Actions 

  • All the assigned surveys which require action appear under the Pending actions according to the due date. 
  • The Future assigned surveys will get displayed only on the start date of the survey. 
  • Pending Actions for Responded and Expired surveys get removed from the list. 
  • ‘Load More’ button appears after 10 listed Pending actions.

Engagedly survey pending actions

All Surveys 

  • All the assigned surveys to the users are displayed under ‘All Surveys’ and they are sorted by the last assigned date.
  • The status of the survey is displayed as
    Submitted – Surveys that are completed by users
    Not Submitted – Surveys that are missed by users
  • Pending – Surveys that require action 
  • Clicking on any of the survey cards or on the ‘View’ action, the user will be directed to the survey page. 
  • Upon clicking on the ‘Filter’ option, the user gets options to filter the surveys by ‘Search by Author or Survey’, ‘All Statuses’, ‘Starts on or after’, and ‘Ends on or before’.

Engagedly all survey list

Admin – Overview 

Assigned surveys 

  • All Assigned surveys are displayed under ‘Assigned surveys. 
  • Users can switch between ‘Active’ and ‘Ended’ surveys. 
  • The following filter options can filter the Assigned surveys
    Search by Survey
    Start on or after
    Ends on or before
  • ‘Load More’ button is displayed after 6 surveys.

Engagedly assigned surveys

Recently Created Surveys 

  • Created surveys that are not assigned are displayed under ‘Recently Created Surveys.’ 
  • Upon clicking on the survey, you will get directed to the survey details page 
  • The last updated date of the survey is also displayed under the survey name 
  • Clicking on the ‘Filter’ button, surveys can be filtered by name.

Engagedly recently created surveys

Admin – All surveys 

  • All the surveys, created and assigned to the users, are displayed under All Surveys. 
  • Clicking on any of the surveys, you will be directed to the survey details page. 
  • The surveys can be filtered by ‘Authored by Me’ and ‘Authored by Others’. 
  • Upon clicking on the ‘Filter’ option, you will get fields to filter the surveys by ‘Search by Author or Survey’ and ‘Search by Updated Date Range’.

Engagedly admin all surveys

Authored by You 

  • Under ‘All surveys’, authored or co-authored by the user, can be filtered by ‘Authored by Me’
  • Clicking on any survey user is directed to the Survey details page 
  • The overflow menu of each survey has the following option
    View Response
    Push To Template
    Make a Copy

Engagedly survey authored by you

Authored by Others 

  • Under ‘All surveys’, surveys authored by other users in the organization can be filtered by ‘Authored by Others’ 
  • Clicking on any survey user is directed to the Survey details page 
  • The overflow menu of each survey has the following option
    View Response
    Make a Copy

Engagedly survey authored by others

Admin – Template Library 

  • All the surveys that are pushed to Template Library by the users in the organization are listed under ‘Template Library’
  • Column names shown are:
    Last Updated
  • Clicking on ‘Use this template’ on the row will open create a pop-up with the pre-filled name, description, and Thank-you message.
  • If the Admin is a part of the survey, then they will see the overview menu listed as:

Admin template library

  • If the admin is not a part of the survey, then they will only see the ‘Preview’ option in the overview menu 

Admin survey preview template

Survey Assignments


  • The Respondents of a survey are listed under the ‘Respondents’ tab. 
  • The Data Insights displayed are:
    Total Respondent: Number of assigned users
    Started: Number of users who started the survey whether a scroll, action and entered
    Responses: Total number of users who completed the survey
    Response rate: The percentage of the total number of responses with respect to a total number of respondents.
    Pending: Total number of users who did not complete the survey.

Engagedly survey respondents

Create new assignment

  • Ended surveys under ‘Assigned Surveys’ can be assigned again to new or existing members by clicking on the ‘New Assignment’ option in the overflow menu

Engagedly survey new assignment

Survey settings 

The Survey setting page has the following fields:

  • Survey start and end date of the survey
  • Award points on survey completion
  • Survey reminders
  • Notification on survey completion
  • Survey notification template

Engagedly survey settings

Edit Live Survey 

A Live Survey can be edited in the following cases:

  • New questions can be added 
  • Existing questions can be hidden or changed 
  • New members can be added 
  • Can edit the ‘End Date’, ‘Email Message’, ‘Reminder’, ‘Get Notified’ settings in live surveys 
  • Cannot edit Start date & Award points of a Live Survey

Survey Responses 

  • Responses submitted by the assigned members are displayed in data charts 
  • By default, one section is displayed in an expanded view for the left navigation 
  • Can switch between different Cycles Periods 
  • Users can also filter the responses by, ‘All Business Units’, ‘All Departments’, ‘All Job title’ and ‘All Location’

Data Chart View

Engagedly survey response data chart view

List view

  • Can be filtered by ‘None’ or ‘Question’

Engagedly survey list view

Individual Responses 

  • Respondents are displayed on the left, and the responses are displayed on the right 
  • List view 
  • Can be filtered by ‘None’ or ‘Question’ 

Engagedly survey individual responses


Users will receive two types of notifications from the survey module:

  • In-app notification

Engagedly survey inapp notifications

  • Email notifications

Engagedly survey email notifications

  • Different notifications are triggered for the survey members:
    After assigning survey
    Update survey (only when dates are updated)
    Nudge Pending respondents
    Reminder ‘X’ days before
    Survey Completion – This gets triggered for the author
    Added as an author/co-author

Audit Logs 

  • The site admin can monitor the activities of any survey in the organization in the Audit log where the ‘Log Message’ and Logged At (Date and Time) are tracked. 
  • Some of the actions for which audit logs get created are as follows:
    Creating a survey
    Updating a survey
    When the survey members respond to a survey
    Upon Nudging the members
    Deleting a survey

Engagedly survey audit logs

Survey Permissions 

  • Users with permission can create surveys, manage survey results, and perform all the actions related to surveys.
  • After assigning a user with permission, they will see the Manage tab option in My corner section.

Engagedly survey permission

Survey UI version switch: 

  • New UI will be not enabled for the existing clients by default. They need to get migrated to the new Survey 2.0 system.
  • Existing clients with New Survey 2.0 can switch to Old Survey 1.0 through the ‘Switch to Older version UI’ option under the profile icon, but new data created under Old Survey 1.0 will not reflect on the new Survey 2.0 system. 
  • New clients will get the New Survey 2.0 by default if the module is enabled and will not see the Old Survey 1.0.
  • No controls will be present in the Super Admin to control the switch between the Old and New Survey systems.