Engagedly X Mentoring Complete

Supercharge your People Strategy Platform with Mentoring Complete

Imagine a world where every single worker in your office is in perfect harmony, armed with the skills they need to conquer the day. With the magical duo of Engagedly and Mentoring Complete, dreams really do come true! By putting the Mentee in the spotlight, Mentoring Complete brings soulmates (well, workmates) together, helping them become an unstoppable force in the #FutureOfWork.

Dive into a wonderland of personal growth and networking adventures with Mentoring Complete, and you'll soon see a supercharged team ready to tackle any obstacle. Unleash the power of your workforce with Engagedly and Mentoring Complete, and watch success soar high for everyone in your tribe!

Integrate and Extend Your Workforce Power Output

At the heart of Engagedly's People+Strategy platform lies a successful combination: the E3 framework - Execute Performance, Enable Development, and Engage People. Mentoring Complete is built with 3 decades of experience, that offers program-based mentoring software, structured to help organizations transform their workforce into its most valuable asset. This helps organizations to leverage their existing talent pool to mentor their workforce, which will win in the #FutureOfWork

Now, Mentoring Complete integrates seamlessly with Engagedly, and allows your team to coordinate meaningful performance and development goals that empower employees to reach their highest potential. This dynamic duo strengthens the impact the E3 framework delivers and creates measurable results that drive business success.

So what can this Integration do for you?

Holistic employee development

Organizations often rely on Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide employees with theoretical and practical learning assets. However, these systems may fall short of offering a comprehensive learning experience and addressing the logistical challenges employees face. Moreover, they cannot replicate the learning that comes from experience.

Picture this: organizations ditching the limiting Learning Management Systems (LMS) in favor of a more enriched and personalized learning experience for employees. Enter Mentoring Complete, an integrated approach that unlocks the power of experienced mentors within an organization. These wise individuals possess a wealth of practical knowledge and are ready to share their insights, offering tailor-made development plans and real-time problem-solving guidance. It's high time organizations embrace this holistic learning experience, empowering employees to elevate their skills and excel in their careers. Let's go beyond the traditional LMS offerings and welcome the era of Mentoring Complete!

Improved organization performance

With Engagedly, organizations can create a culture of high performance by aligning goals and results, identifying top talent, and analyzing data with the help of tools and modules like - OKRs, goal alignment, performance reviews, insights, etc.

The integration with Mentoring Complete, lets you discover the transformative power that links ambitious employees, and seasoned mentors within your organization. Embark on a purpose-driven journey that not only aligns your employees' goals with your company's objectives, but empowers them to overcome obstacles and thrive in their roles. Mentors provide support and flexibility to face challenges, ensuring that employees' experiences, and skills align with their role resulting in optimum performance.

Together, Engagedly and Mentoring Complete will help you align your organization’s skills, and experiences with your strategy, creating an inspirational working environment where growth flourishes, performance increases, and employee retention reaches new heights.

Enhanced employee engagement

Engagedly offers tools, and modules like reward and recognition programs, gamification, Team Pulse, and E10 to create a workplace culture that fosters engagement, satisfaction, and success. These tools help organizations recognize and appreciate employees' hard work, identify pain points, and remove obstacles to success.

Mentoring Complete can help you leverage these tools to amplify engagement and involvement.
It can offer personal growth programs designed to elevate employees’ careers which results in employees being more focused, and engaged. Mentors will help them navigate their career journey with refined routines, insightful resources, and strategic networking opportunities to maximize impact, engagement, and trust. Your employees can arm themselves with invaluable knowledge, refine their skills, and spread their wings leading to a more aligned and engaged workforce.

Enriched employee enablement

Engagedly empowers employee development with Feedback Solutions and an online learning portal. With features like Real-Time and 360-degree/multi-rater feedback, and gamification, employees have the tools they need to advance their careers and drive better outcomes for their organization.

Meanwhile, Mentoring Complete helps create a nurturing space where mentees can freely voice their concerns, and learn to bounce back stronger. Mentors can help create growth-oriented mentoring programs that will enable employees to learn, and work towards their shortcomings. As mentors illuminate the path, employees learn to harness the power of feedback, creating a harmonious workspace that will improve their productivity. With the help of Mentoring Complete you can create a journey where obstacles transform into stepping stones for growth!

Want to know more about Mentoring Complete?

Effective mentoring programs are critical for organizations to maintain their valuable human resources. Such initiatives can positively shift employees' attitudes, allowing them to overcome obstacles and progress in their career paths. Mentoring experiences ultimately help retain top talent and promote better business outcomes.

Build A Strong Foundation with Mentoring Complete

The sole purpose of Mentoring Complete is to help you build a positive workplace culture where employees feel empowered and heard. Discover a versatile platform boasting 30 years of expertise in elevating your organization's work environment! With its abundant features and hassle-free management, program managers can effortlessly supervise employee relationships.

Empower your team with customizable goal setting to ensure meaningful mentorship experiences.
Take charge as a program manager and launch a variety of mentoring programs tailored to your objectives, such as leadership cultivation, strategic succession planning, career growth, and innovative knowledge exchange through reverse and group mentoring – the possibilities are endless.

With Mentoring Complete you can:

  • Build compatible matches using an AI-powered Precision Matching tool
  • Seamlessly Onboard participants into mentoring programs using the program invitation tool and promote the program using the public link
  • Our program templates help guide and provide direction toward fulfilling your organizational objectives
  • Get access to analytical reports and data for each program to track the progress of your programs and act if necessary

Elevate your organization’s dynamic by empowering employees through a cutting-edge dashboard! Discover the hidden potential of mentors, make compatibility effortless with AI Precision Matching, and unify geographically diverse teams. It’s time to create a truly progressive, connected workplace.

The Six Pillars of the Mentoring Journey

Start a program

Use 3 program types to create your own mentoring programs as per your organization’s needs: One-to-One, Self Directed & Group.

Onboard participants

Invite people to Mentoring programs using the program invitation tool and promote the program within your company forums using the public link.

Create matches

Our tool asks critical questions in 5 key sections and uses proprietary algorithms to calculate a good match with 90% success rate.

Set goals

Each mentoring session is intended to support the goals set by the mentee so that they can get most from their mentoring relationships.

Build relationships

Mentees can easily initiate chat sessions or schedule calls and maneuver through their mentoring program with ease.

Measure progress

Get access to analytical reports and data for each program to track progress, and remove roadblocks in the mentoring relationships.

What can Mentoring Complete do for you?

  • Transform employees into leaders
  • Helps lower your attrition rate by helping you retain your valuable employees
  • Foster diversity, and inclusion in the workplace

Why choose Mentoring Complete?

  • Transformative mentoring platform built over 3 decades of experience
  • Experienced success coaches to partner with and implement
  • Patented matching algorithm that removes the ‘GuessWork’
  • Minimal effort to create, launch, and track mentoring programs
  • Suitable for all organizations, choose from any of the 24 ways to mentor, and get mentored

Mentoring Programs that you can run

Mentoring Programs for Workplaces

  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Career Mentoring
  • Diversity Mentoring
  • Reverse Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring
  • Flash Mentoring

Mentoring Programs for Academia

  • Student Mentoring
  • Alumni Mentoring

Mentoring Program for Professional Associations

  • Career Mentoring

Mentoring Program for Non-Profits

Unleash your employees’ full potential with Engagedly X Mentoring Complete, an all-encompassing solution crafted to foster growth and engagement in your organization! Dive into this immersive developmental journey, and transform your workplace into a thriving hub for progress. Need a boost? Our experts are here to elevate your success!

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