New additions have been made to the Engagedly Feedback module. They are a part of our ongoing process to further improve the module.

Here’s What’s New

  • Manager visibility settings
  • Making feedback visible to a third person
  • Enhanced anonymity
  • Give or request feedback about a third person
  • Give or request feedback about a topic

Manager Visibility Settings

Two new settings have been added to the Feedback Settings page.

  • Enable Feedback Visibility For Managers – When this feature is enabled, the Team tab will be visible to managers and they can see the feedback given to their direct reports.
  • Make Feedback About Direct Reports Always Visible To Managers – Users will not be able to decide if a manager can or cannot see feedback.

The ‘Enable Feedback Visibility For Managers’ setting, when enabled, allows managers to view all the feedback their direct reports have received. Disabling this feature will prevent managers from viewing the feedback their direct reports receive. It will also remove the Team tab from the Feedback page.

Feedback is essentially a two-person process. But not everybody is comfortable with the fact that managers can see all the feedback their direct reports received. This feature therefore gives organizations a choice between making the feedback visible or not.

The ‘Make Feedback About Direct Reports Always Visible To Managers’ setting when enabled ensures that a feedback recipient’s managers can also view the feedback the person has received.

Making Feedback Visible To A Third Person

When you click on ‘+Feedback’ and the Share Feedback window opens, you will notice a few changes.

If you have enabled the ‘Enable Feedback Visibility For Managers’, the name of the recipient’s managers will be visible.

If that setting has not been enabled, you will just see the recipient’s name and a checkbox called ‘Others’. Selecting the ‘Others’ checkbox will allow you to add another person who can view the feedback that has been given. This way, other people can be brought into the feedback loop. Not all feedback is a two-person conversation. The addition of the ‘Others’ checkbox offers users greater flexibility when giving feedback.

Note: You can add as many as people you like in the ‘Others’ box.

When giving feedback users can now make themselves anonymous to either the recipient, the manager or the third person.

Feedback About Others

Since the option to add ‘Others’ to ‘Share Feedback’ has been introduced, a new tab called ‘About Others’ has been added to the module as well. Whenever you have been marked to view feedback that is being given to another user, that feedback will appear under this tab.

However, users who have been added as feedback viewers can only view the feedback. They cannot comment on the feedback and nor can they edit or delete the feedback.

Request feedback about a third person or a topic

You can now not only request feedback about yourself, but you can also request feedback about a third person or feedback about a topic as well.

You can request feedback from as many people as you like. The only thing you need to remember is if the people you are requesting feedback from are relevant to the discussion or not!

Topic Discussions

Since you can now request feedback about a topic, a new tab called ‘Topic Discussions’ has been introduced. All topic discussions you are a part of will be shown under this tab.

You can begin a topic discussion with anyone in the organization. This was feature was introduced so that users could have work-related discussions without clogging an organization’s feed. The only people who can view a topic discussion are people who have been invited to take part in the discussion.