An interaction driving integration

Slack's integration with Engagedly improves productivity, and fluidity by allowing you to take actions directly on Slack.
This eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps, saving you time, and effort. It also facilitates better collaboration within the organization, helping everyone focus on what really matters, and helps them work more efficiently.

Get more done in less time

Tap into Engagedly notifications right on Slack, and give your workflow a boost. Now you can stay in sync, take decisive action quickly, and save precious time. Plus enjoy more connectivity to drive interaction rates up, leading to better conversations between team members. Imagine the possibilities when smarter productivity leads to even better results.

Feedbacks reinvented.Convenience redefined.

Streamline your feedback process on Slack. With this integration you can promptly provide feedback on important requests, making sure that it has the maximum impact. This makes giving feedback even more convenient for managers. No need to switch between multiple apps anymore, allowing them to give timely responses in an efficient way.

Nothing lacks on Slack

Make sure to recognize your teammates for their hard work, and successes! Showing appreciation not only boosts morale, but strengthens communication, and collaboration. With Slack’s integration, it's easy. Just comment on feedback or praises directly. This allows everyone in the organization to stay better connected, and foster an even stronger, more efficient working relationship.
How awesome is that?

Keep your goals on track with Slack

Constantly stay on top of your goals, and remain aligned in the flow of work. Now you can conveniently manage, and track progress of your goals without it getting sidetracked. Say goodbye to the stress of forgetting amidst a busy schedule. Your goals stay updated anytime, anywhere - only a few clicks away!

Here’s a glimpse of the wonderful advantages that await,and transform the way you work.

Opportunity to see and act

This integration not only provides notifications but also allows you to view them, and take direct actions within Slack.

Avoid app overload

This integration streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to switch between Engagedly, and Slack, ultimately reducing app overload

No more context switching

Interacting and taking actions directly can help you avoid context switching while managing multiple tasks in your busy schedule.

Enhanced collaboration & convenience

Enabling quick actions can improve the chances of interactions, and foster better communication among team members.

By leveraging Slack’s integration with Engagedly, your teams can streamline their work processes, and stay connected, leading to better collaboration, increased productivity, and ultimately, greater success for your organization.

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