GiftRocket Set-Up Documentation

Set Up

Note:– This feature is only available on request. If you would like to have this feature enabled for your organization, contact with your request.

To set up the Send A Gift feature, you must login as an admin to Engagedly. Once logged in, please navigate to Settings à Gamification  and click on the ‘Send A Gift’ sub-menu and follow the steps mentioned below.

Gift Rocket Settings

Step 1

Provide your Organization URL (or your Engagedly URL) in the Organization URL box (Your organization name will be auto populated) and click on ‘Save’.


Step 2

An invitation mail will be sent to your email id to activate your GiftRocket account.

Config 03_2

Step 3

Click on the activation link in the email you have received GiftRocket.

Config 04

Step 4

Log in and configure your GiftRocket account for Payment options, Gift card styles etc. Setting up a payment method is mandatory to complete the configuration. The GiftRocket dashboard also allows you to create custom card styles.

Config 05

Step 5

Once your GiftRocket account is configured, you need to configure a few more settings like gift limit ( setting a gift limit is not mandatory), preferred payment method etc inside the Engagedly application as well.

Config 06

Sending Gifts to Employees

Step 1

Click on the Plus button and select Send A Gift.

Plus Button

Step 2

Fill in the required information and click on the ‘Send’ button.

Send A Gift

Step 3

To enable users other than admins to send gifts assign them the permission below.

Send _A_Gift_02