We have made some changes and enhancements to the Goals module. These changes add some flexibility to the Goals module and should give users a lot more freedom when using the module.


No Restriction to Goal Assignment


Now there is no restriction to goal assignment. Anyone can create a goal and assign it to anyone in the organization. Earlier on, a user could only assign goals to their direct reports. This new enhancement means that the goals module can now be used more flexibly and without restrictions.

Locking Goals


It is now possible for the assigner of a goal or the manager of a direct report to lock and unlock a goal. Once a goal is locked, it cannot be edited by the direct report. However, the manager and the assigner will still be able to edit it.


We introduced this feature because we want to give users the flexibility to lock and edit goals as they please.

Editing Goals


An unlocked goal can even be edited by the user to whom the goal has been assigned. A user can edit goal details such as the start date, end date, goal details etc. However, a user will not be able to edit a goal’s key results.


When a goal has been assigned to a user, the manager of the user can also edit the goal, despite not being the owner or the assigner of the goal.

Goal Start Date


Users can now also set a start date for their goals along with the end date. Earlier on, the goal creation date used to be considered as the goal start date. This option is also available for company and department goals too.