A few minor updates have been made to the Upload Documents, Groups and Performance features.

Upload Documents

A new permission has been created for the Upload Document feature. The new permission will give users the ability to Upload/Delete documents for all users in this organization.


Three new settings have been created for the Upload Documents feature as well. These settings can be found on the Settings page under the Upload Document Settings tab. The three settings are:

  • Enable document upload by managers – This setting is unchecked managers will not be able to upload documents for anyone.
  • Enable document upload by users – When this setting is unchecked, users will not be able to upload documents for themselves.
  • Enable notify manager option when upload documents – When this setting is checked, a user’s manager will be notified when a document is uploaded for that user.

Interest Groups

It is now possible to change the profile image of Interest Groups. However, this can only be done by the site administrator. For normal groups, be they open or closed, site administrators or group administrators can change the profile image.

By clicking on the profile image, the administrator will be able to change the image.


When the rating is disabled in Performance, earlier on in 0/5 would display on the Team and Org Dashboards. However, now N/A will be displayed instead.