One of the major changes we have introduced this week is the ability to praise multiple people at one go. In addition to this, we have made a few other changes as well.


A new setting has been added to the Feedback Settings page. This setting allows you to enable or disable the ability to add specific users to view feedback.


When this feature is enabled, a user can add other users to view the feedback that they are sharing. When this feature is disabled, users will not be able to add others to view feedback.


Earlier on, users could not praise more than one user at the same time. However, now users can praise multiple people at one go. When making a praise post, all you have to do is select the users you want to praise and then submit the post.


Reminder To Complete The Course


When assigning a course to users, you can set a due date by which you would like to see the course completed. In addition to this, you also have the option to notify users that they are yet to finish the course. You can decide how many days before the due date you want to send reminders to the user.


Templates can now be exported as PDF documents and downloaded to your system.