We have two new updates this week. One is an update to the Quiz Unit in the Learning module and another is an update to the Post feature in the Social module.


Course creators now have the option to create quiz units with two types of questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Free Text Questions. If you want to give users an answer choice, you can use the Multiple Choice Question format. If you want to ask users open-ended questions, we recommend using the Free Text Question format.


There are two ways to use the Free Text Question format. By leaving the point fields blank, whatever answer a user gives to a Free Text question will be automatically evaluated as correct.


However, if you want to control the evaluation of the answer, then you can fill in the point fields and add words and phrases that you would like to see in the answer. When answer contains the words or phrases you have listed out and meets the points criteria, only  then will the answer be marked as correct.


Posts created by anyone can be pinned to the top of the feed page. This feature comes handy when administrators might want to make important announcements that are visible to all users or they want to highlight a particular post. A pinned post will always appear at the top of a user’s feed, until it is unpinned. Only administrators can pin or unpin a post.


To pin a post, click on the downward facing arrow on the right side of the post. Select the option ‘Pin this post’. Now the post has been pinned.


Pinned posts can be distinguished by a pin icon on the post. To unpin a post, you just need to click on the pin icon.