To know more about some of the newest changes we have made to the Engagedly application in the Performance, Multirater and Feedback modules, read-on.

We’ve made some changes to the Performance, Multirater and Feedback modules. These changes are meant to enhance your user experience and make using Engagedly a breeze.

Performance – Cycle Visibility

We’ve added a new feature to Cycles under the Performance module. We know that users randomly chancing upon cycles that have no relevance to them is quite annoying; therefore we have created a new feature which restricts cycle visibility. By default, cycles  are visible to all users. However, if you do not want users to see cycles which are of no relevance to them, you can restrict visibility by going to Cycle Management and using the ‘Restrict Visibility’ action to restrict visibility.

Multirater – Reviewer Load & Cycle Visibility

During a 360 multirater feedback cycle, some reviewers may receive more feedback requests than other users. The sheer number of feedback requests can sometimes be overwhelming and prevent a user from doing their job. To combat this, we have now included the ability to download an excel sheet containing the names of all the reviewers who are a part of the cycle, how many feedback requests they have received, how many they have completed and how many feedback requests they have declined. This way, HR administrators can ensure that no reviewer is getting overloaded with feedback requests!


The cycle visibility feature applies to the Multirater module as well. By default, cycles are be visible to all users. You can restrict visibility by going to Cycles in the Multirater module and using the ‘Restrict Visibility’ action to restrict visibility.

Feedback – (Un) Categorized

Earlier on, feedback that users received could be either categorized as ‘Good Work’ or ‘Development Opportunity’. But feedback that was categorized as neither tended to get lost in the shuffle. Now, feedback that has not been categorized as either ‘Good Work’ or ‘Development Opportunity’ can be found in the Uncategorized column on the Feedback page, in the My Team tab.