Engagedly X MS Teams

Drives Performance & Boosts Team Spirit

App overload and app switching are common issues that ruin productivity and make work-life harder than necessary. That’s why our integration with MS Teams is such an important asset. It eliminates those problems, leaving you free to focus on the things that really matter.

Your employees will also feel better connected to their workplace as they tap into our modules through MS Teams. This level of connectivity will provide a smoother workflow, resulting in improved efficiency and engagement among team members. And it doesn’t stop there – by integrating MS Teams with Engagedly’s suite of features, you can experience a healthy leap in performance without any additional effort.

Fast and Easy Feedback for the Win

Let your employees transform how they request and receive feedback with MS Teams. Managers' comments or critiques can be shared quickly and easily - enabling the entire team to become part of a more engaging feedback process. Quick and convenient feedback processes lets your team members instantly share requests, comments or views - all through MS Teams.

A praiseworthy solution

No more swapping between apps. No more procrastination. Praises can happen effortlessly, on the go. Quickly and easily praise your employees, spark conversations within the group, and build a culture of appreciation. Get ready to turn recognition into action - it's time to foster success in new ways! Surely, a praiseworthy way to build a healthy work culture.

That’s the (team) spirit

Redefine socializing with Engagedly's integration with MS Teams. Your team can stay connected and informed like never before. From quickly responding to messages to brainstorming ideas together, it helps employees feel more in tune with their coworkers so they always feel 'in-the know’. It provides an avenue for faster feedback and communication, and motivates team members through meaningful conversations. All this adds up towards a work environment that's conducive for growth and engagement beyond compare!

Productivity is the Goal

Take your goal-focused organization to the next level by taking advantage of an improved way to manage goals. Tracking, managing, discussing, and providing updates on goals has never been more straightforward. As a manager, power up productivity and open up conversations, all while staying on top of the latest updates related to your team’s goals, so you can bring big results with minimal effort!

Stay connected socially

Optimize your team's efficiency with Engagedly's social flow of work. Enter a world of real-time collaboration and unparalleled connection that will revolutionize your work flow. Forget the struggles of staying connected - now you can conveniently comment on social posts directly from MS Teams. Say goodbye to app overload and the productivity drain caused by constant app switching. Embrace a streamlined and efficient flow of work that will elevate your team's interactions to new heights.

By enabling employees to directly interact and take actions from MS Teams for key Engagedly modules, this integration helps your organization seamlessly build high-performance teams for the future of work.