We have added a new feature where Site Admins can add diversity fields while adding or updating user details.

Diversity Fields

While creating or updating users you can record diversity fields for users. Diversity fields present on Engagedly’s application are:

  • Gender 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Veteran Status 
  • Differently Abled

Engagedly User Diversity Fields

Diversity & Inclusion Charts 

As a site admin you can view the above parameters by navigating to Admin –> Overview –> DIVERSITY & INCLUSION data widget

  • You can filter the data across different levels such as Organization, Business Unit, Department, Job Title, and Location
  • Percentage will be shown for every progress bar, and when you hover on it count will be shown
  • You can see the organization checkbox will be shown under Business Unit, Department, Job Title, and Location tabs, which is enabled by default and shows up data of the entire organization for better comparison. 
  • Percentage calculation in each graph will be same as the below example

Female Count = (Total Female/Total Users)*100 

  • Formula for average age calculation will be 

Formula for Average Age:: (Sum of all Age Values with data/ (Total User – No Data Values))

Organization – Gender and Ethnicity 

Engagedly User Organization Gender and Ethnicity

Organization – Age

Users Age Diversity In Organization

Business Unit – Gender and Ethnicity

Engagedly Business Unit And Diversity

Department – Gender and Ethnicity 

Engagedly Department Gender And Ethnicity

Job Title – Gender and Ethnicity

Engagedly Job Title Diversity

Location – Gender and Ethnicity 

Engagedly Location Gender And Ethnicity

Differently Abled and Veteran Status

Engagedly User Differently Abled Status

Location – Age 

Engagedly Location Age Diversity Chart

Full Width View

You can view the Ethnicity charts in full width view as pop-up by clicking on the double-sided arrow on the right-hand side.

Engagedly Ethnicity Chart


As an admin you can show or hide Diversity charts from Engagedly’s Settings menu

Engagedly Ethnicity Settings

Engagedly Diversity And Inclusion Settings

Import Users

You can directly map users to diversity fields through User Import and SFTP import.

Engagedly User Diversity Import

Export Users

  • Export users will show up the diversity fields mapped for the user.
  • If the user’s differently abled and veteran status is ‘No’ (unchecked), it will show up as a blank cell

Performance Reports 

As an admin you can see diversity fields under performance Reports

  • Performance Analytics such as Rating Distribution, Goal Rating distribution and 9-Box distribution charts will show up. All diversity fields  with Date of Hire and Tenure columns will be seen
  • Diversity columns are not selected by default but can be chosen from Manage Columns
  • The diversity fields are shown only for Admins and not for managers or employees

Engagedly Performance Reports Diversity Column

Talent Card Reports 

Being an admin you can view the diversity fields under Talent Card Reports: 

  • General and Role readiness reports will show up the Diversity fields with Date of Hire and Tenure columns
  • Diversity columns are not selected by default but can be chosen from Manage Columns which would retain the selection

Talent Card Diversity Report