We have introduced an additional feature where the CxO’s will have access to their very own customised dashboards. Each dashboard will have widgets all in one place, some of which include:

  • Goals 
  • Performance 
  • Feedback 
  • Rewards 
  • Learning 
  • Members and Celebrations 
  • Diversity and Inclusion


CxO Role

In the Engagedly application, only Site Admins can assign a CxO role to any user in the organization from user management page.

Engagedly CXO Role Assignment

Once the CxO role has been assigned, you can access the CxO Dashboard from the application sidebar. 

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Icon

Clicking on CxO icon will navigate you to CxO Dashboard Page.

Engagedly CXO Dashboard

Site Admin can revoke your CxO Role from user management page. 

Engagedly Remove CXO User

Widget Management

As a CxO user, you can do the following activities in CxO Dashboard:

  • Add a widget 
  • Remove widgets 
  • Re-order 
  • Reset 
  • View Report on various modules enabled in the organization

Add Widget 

  • When you click on the Add Widget button on the top-right, it opens a Add Widget pop-up on the bottom of the page 
  • In Add Widget pop up, click “Add” button on the required widget card 
  • Once, the widgets added in the CxO dashboard, “Added” label will be shown on card

Engagedly CXO Widget Addition

Remove Widget 

  • You can remove the widgets by accessing the context menu of each widget 

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Remove Widget

Reorder Widget

  • As a CxO user, you can reorder the widgets by clicking on the top right of the page 
  • In Reorder widget pop-up, drag and drop the widget cards, and click on save button to re-order the CxO widgets accordingly

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Reorder Widget

Reset Widget

  • When you click on the Reset Widget in the overflow menu on the top-right, you will reset the CxO Dashboard to default state, which will set all the default widgets in place

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Reset Widget

Goal Widgets

In this widget you can view all the Org Goals 

  • As a CxO user, you can filter out required goals and view the average check in progress of all the contributors 
  • You can see all the goals and its hierarchy 
  • You can see the goals details as drill downs 
  • Filter the goals based on active status, periods, cycles and date ranges

Engagedly CXO Goals Widget

Business Units and Department Goals

  • You can view all the department and business unit goals 
  • On clicking the respective Business Unit or Department, it will list all the goals as drill downs

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Business Unit Goals


Goals Status Distribution and Alignment 

  • As a CxO user you can view the report based on the status of each goals 
  • You can also view all the aligned and non-aligned goal reports

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Goal Distribution

Goals I Follow 

  • As a CxO user, can see all the goals which are followed by the current users 
  • You can view goal hierarchy and unfollow the goals 
  • You can view the goals directory and filter the goals based on the periods

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Followed Goals

Performance Widget

  • Performance report like rating distribution, goals review distribution, and leadership potential widgets are visible for any performance cycles in the org
  • When you click the Select Cycle button, it will open a cycle listing pop-up, you can choose the required cycle to view the reports. Clicking in respective graph bar will show the reports as drill downs

Engagedly CXO Performance Widget

Feedback Widgets 

  • As a CxO user, you can view the Feedback received report of the all employees in the organization for the latest 6 months. However, feedback information will be restricted. You can view the feedback information only if it’s shared with you.
  • Only feedback request report of last 6 months will be visible

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Feedback Received

  • The public praises of last 6 months will be visible only

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Praises Received

  • You can view the top 8 categories in which most of the feedbacks has been shared

Engagedly Top Categories Feedback Engagedly Top Category Feedback

Reward Widgets

  • You can view the Points Redeemed and Points Received report for the latest 6 months

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Points Widget

  • As a CxO user, you can view the points and rank of each user in the organization

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Points Leaderboard

Learning Widgets

  • As a CxO user, you can view the drill-down report of all the Assignments by clicking respective status in the Donut 
  • View the drill-down report of all the Assignment with the Due Date by clicking respective status in the Donut

Engagedly CxO Dashboard Learning Widget

  • The drill-down report of all the Self Enrolled courses and Assigned courses are visible for the latest 6 months
  • You can also view the time spent report by hovering mouse over the respective months 

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Learning Enrollment and Time Spent

Members and Celebrations Widget 

  • As a CxO user you can view report of the total members in the organization and members without managers 
  • You can view the report of latest Additions and Departures of employees in last 6 months 
  • You will also have access to the report of birthdays and work anniversaries of all employees 

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Member Addition and Birthday

Diversity and Inclusion Widget 

  • As a CxO user you can view the report of total users, total number of differently abled users and veterans 
  • You can view the report of based on genders, age and ethnicity 
  • You will also be able to access the report of diversity and inclusion by filtering business unit, department, job title and location

Engagedly CXO Dashboard Diversity Data