Nominate the Top 100 HR Influencers of 2022

The nominations for the top 100 HR influencers of 2022 is over!!!

Nomination closes on 22nd May!

Nominations for top 100 hr influencers 2022

We are back with the nominations for this year’s Top 100 HR influencers. And we want YOU to feature on the list.

The past two years have not been an easy road for organizations and leaders. Employees and organizations transitioned to a remote workspace, and it ultimately transcended into hybrid work. And this would not have been possible without YOU, the HRs and People Managers.

Why is this individual an Influencer? While many of us are still trying to figure out and adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic, there are leaders and visionaries who have already made a significant difference with their innovative ideas and work.

Last year, we put together a list of the 100 most influential people in the field of Human Resources. This year also, we aim to identify all those who, with their innovation, ideas, and vision, made a difference. Help us put together the list of 100 Top HR Influencers for 2022.

Do you think you know someone who has made a change in the field of HR? Then why wait? Nominate them to feature on our Top 100 list. Be sure to let us know what they accomplished and the change they brought about. We would be particularly interested to know how they have contributed to the HR industry in the past year.

You can nominate yourself, or someone you follow or admire, for their work in HR.

Thank you for your nomination and we will let you know when the Engagedly’s Top 100 HR Influencers for 2022 list goes public.

The Nomination period is over!

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