A few changes have been made to the Ongoing Check-ins, Multirater, Performance, Goals and Survey modules.

Ongoing Check-Ins

  • New filters have been added to the Org Dashboard in the Dashboard section. Site administrators can now further filter check-ins by Business Units, Departments and Managers.
  • Site administrators can now launch ongoing check-ins for everyone in an organization. When launching a check-in, they just need to mention ‘Everyone’ in the name area.


  • New filters have been added to the Reports section in Multirater. This allows users to search for cycle information within specific departments, according to job titles, location or a Business Unit.
  • Users can now view multirater templates by the competencies and questions listed in them.
  • A new permission has been created with respect to the Multirater module. Users with this permission can now manage review and cycles within the module.
  • Users can now see both Active and Archived cycles in the Feedback About Me and Feedback By Me sections on the My Dashboard page. Archived cycles are denoted by being marked as ‘Archived’.


  • It is now possible to see how many people are following a goal. The number of followers is visible. Clicking on it reveals who all are following the goal.
  • Sometimes, users who are blocked are also the originators or contributors to a goal. Now, it is possible to see when blocked users who are a part of the goal. They will be denoted by the tag ‘Blocked’.


  • When creating a performance review cycle, HR managers now have the option to make the ‘Enable Post Review Feedback Questionnaire’ mandatory for users.


  • For surveys which have expired and are past the due date, it is now possible for a survey creator to extend the due date.


  • Two new permissions have been created, Manage Impersonations and Manage Integrations. Users with these permissions will be able to perform both these actions.