We have introduced a new setting in password management and made some changes to the learning module.

Password Management

  • We have added a new setting in the existing list of Password Policies – “Prevent username/email ID use as part of the password”

Password Management Settings
Password Policy Settings
Prevent username and email id password setting

  • The new setting, “Prevent username/email ID use as part of the password”, can be Enabled/Disabled by your Organization’s Site Admin
  • Once this policy is enabled, you would not be able to use your First Name / Last Name / Email ID as a part of your password. For Example: If the user name is Abraham Tyler, the password cannot consist of Abraham’ or ‘Tyler’. If the email id is Abraham.tyler@engagedly.com – the password can not consist of ‘Abraham’ or ‘Tyler’ or ‘engagedly’

Password Policy section

  • When the setting is enabled, and if you try to Change/Reset your password using User Name / Email ID, the following error message would be displayed- ‘You cannot have your name or email as your password!’

Engagedly Login

  • By default, the following setting- “Prevent username/email ID use as part of the password” would be disabled for New Organizations and Existing Organizations

Password Policy disable

  • If the password policy –“Prevent username/email ID use as part of the password” setting is disabled, then you can set your password with UserName / Email ID as a part of it



  • Business Unit column has been added to the Learning Reports tab. It will allow you to filter the learning report based on Business Units

Learning Report Business Unit