A few changes have been made in the performance and learning modules of Engagedly.


  • New columns that display Section weighting and Section average have been added to the performance areas export.
  • Now, as a manager, you get only one email notification for all the pending reviews you have despite having multiple direct reports.
  • Once a review is delegated to someone, an email will be received with the following details.
  1. Who has delegated the review
  2. Cycle name and
  3. Name of the employee

Resource Center

You can filter the check-ins in the resource center based on two new filters : Requested by me and Requested from me. The reason for having the check-ins filtered based on these criteria is to access the check-in requested by the employees during the performance review.


Now, when you make a learning module library export, you can see a new column which shows the number of gamification points assigned to it.