Some major enhancements have been made to the Performance, Goals, Multirater and Learning Modules and fixed about 24 minor bugs that were causing issues.

Also, some smaller changes have been made to Engagedly’s features like Private Notes, Talent Card, Rewards, Survey and User Profile.


Managing The Visibility Of Manager Recommendations 

A new setting has been introduced in the cycles from where you can manage the visibility of manager recommendations to an employee.

This new enhancement aims to give employees a proper understanding of what their managers think about their performance and helps both managers and employees stay on the same page.

To access this setting, go to the cycle and select ‘edit’. Here, under ‘Manager Recommendations’ section of ‘Configure Review Inputs’ section, you can find a setting where you can either enable or disable employees to view manager recommendations.

Note: If employees aren’t allowed to view their manager’s review (In performance areas section of configure review inputs), then even if you enable employees to view manager recommendations, only the manager recommendation questions will be visible to employees and not the answers.

Managing Performance Notifications

Now, you can decide who to notify when employees and managers submit their reviews or when an employee gets added to the review cycle. You can manage this through the ‘Notification’ section in the cycle settings.

Based on the choices, you can either choose to notify the associated HR manager or the reporting manager or all the users who have HR permissions or all the admins or all of the above.

Viewing The Entire Hierarchy Of Your Team

With the previous ‘My Team’ filter in the ‘Manage Reviews’ section, managers were only able to view and manage the reviews of their direct reports. Now, with the new ‘My Entire Team’ filter, managers can also view the whole hierarchy of their direct reports.

That is, they can also manage the reviews of their team members who aren’t directly reporting to the managers but to their direct reports.

New Column Added In The Manage Reviews Page

A new column called ‘Hire Date’ has been added to the ‘Manage Reviews’ page. You can also filter the list based on ‘Hire Date’ by selecting the months of hire date.

New Search Feature Added

A new ‘Search’ tab is added to search the users easily and for better usability.

Default Active Goals

When you add goals to your self-review, the default selection of goals has been changed from ‘All’ to ‘Active Goals’. You can change the selection later if you wish to.


New Status

Now, in addition to the already existing goal completion statuses – Not Started, On Track, Behind and At Risk – a new status called ‘Achieved’ has been added.

The main intention behind the enhancement is to understand employee progress more effectively.

Default Page

Previously, clicking on ‘Goals’ from the left pane used to land users on the ‘Goals Dashboard’ page but now it redirects users to the ‘Goals’ tab where their goals will be listed by default.


Notifying For Nomination – Org Dashboard

Now, you can notify managers to nominate their reviewers. Based on the settings, if an employee is allowed to nominate reviewers, you can notify employees to nominate too. This feature can be utilized only if the last date for nomination hasn’t passed.

New Columns In Excel Sheets

All the Total Reviewers data in the excel sheets has been segregated into three different columns:  Total Reviewers , Pending Reviewers and Completed Reviewers.


Retaking Quiz

In Learning, users can now retake a quiz after failing, without having to request/ notify the assigner to reset the quiz for them. All the assigners have to do is, select the option to ‘Allow user to retake failed quiz’ and add the ‘Number of attempts allowed to retake the quiz’ when adding a quiz to a unit.

Note: After the number of attempts to retake a quiz are utilized, users can request/ notify the assigner to reset the quiz for them.

User Profile

A new demographic field called ‘Employee Field’ has been added to the employee information on the system.

Based on the setting, the employee type (Part-time/ full-time) will be shown to all the users in the organization. Only a user with permissions or a site admin can edit ‘Employee Type’.


In the individual imports and exports of survey details, employee demographic details like email ID, Employee ID, Employee Status, Business Unit, Manager Name, Manager email ID, Department and Location are now included.

Note: No details will be shown in an anonymous survey.

If a survey is anonymous, a label called ‘This Survey Is Anonymous’ is displayed next to the survey title at the top.

Talent Card

In the talent card report, now new columns have been added under the ‘Manage Columns’ section: Locations, Course Pending.


Now, the Employee ID and the email ID of both the awarder and awardee have been added as new columns in the redemption history exports and awards history exports.

Private Notes

Rich text has been enabled for ‘Private notes’ to enhance the user experience.