Performance Management for Today’s Workplace

Join award-winning performance management expert Dr. Edie Goldberg for a three-part deep dive into the whys and hows of performance management in an ever-changing workplace environment.

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Dr. Edie Goldberg, Ph.D.

Founder & President
E.L. Goldberg & Associates

Aaron Adams

VP of Professional Services


Finding and Defining Your Purpose for Performance Management

In the introductory session, we discuss foundational elements and considerations of any performance management system(s). Together we review key things that we all need to think through when initially designing a performance management system. The discussion chronicles the changes we’ve experienced over time based on the shifting needs of the workplace and environment. At the end of the session, we step back and refocus on the true purpose of performance management. This session sets the foundation for a sustainable approach to performance management that seeks to drive organizational performance.


Trends and Best Practices in Goal Setting and Feedback

Now that the foundation is set and our purpose is clarified, we move into outlining the practical elements and details for our performance management system. We begin with two fundamental components of every performance management system: goals and feedback. In this session, we walk through best practices to successfully apply goal setting and drive feedback based on research and evidence. We provide you with the tools to effectively harness the power of goals and drive feedback within your organization.


The Science of Performance Ratings and an Introduction to a “New Model” for Performance Enablement

In our final session, we discuss some of the more controversial components of performance management and how to navigate them. We share the science and best practices for using ratings, including the research supporting why ratings may not be positively impacting your process, and some effective alternatives as well. Together we walk through a new model for performance management that focuses on enabling performance. Finally, we bring everything together and share techniques to continue to sustain and adapt your performance management system.

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