Certain changes have been made to the Performance, My Workspace, Ongoing Check-in and Settings modules.


Cycle settings:

In cycle settings, even if the manager review visibility is marked as “Yes”, until the skip-level manager approves the manager review, an employee cannot see the manager rating. If there is no skip-level reviewer in the process or the skip-level review is disabled for the employee in the cycle, employee will be able to see the review once the manager submits it.

Performance Reports:

  1. A new tab named “My Entire Team” has been added under Performance Reports. Managers and skip level managers can use this tab to filter and view the entire team reports.

2. A second tab named “By Manager” has been added under Performance Reports. All site admins, HR managers and users with permission that states, “User with this capability will be able to manage all the stages for performance reviews”, can use this option to filter and view the performance reports “By Manager”.

My Workspace:

Talent card:

  1. Now there is an ‘Export‘ option in the Report page from where all ‘Site Admins’ can export talent card data of the entire organisation. The export data can be filtered as per one’s requirements.

2. Secondary managers can now view their secondary report’s talent profile on the “My Team” tab and enjoy similar access as that of the reporting manager.

Ongoing Check-in:

Now a secondary manager can view the secondary team member’s check-ins from “Requested from my secondary team” and “Requested by my secondary team” drop downs.

Unless the secondary manager is the creator, she or he will only be able to view the data, but not perform any other action. They can “Export” data of her or his secondary members from “Requested from my secondary team” and “Requested by my secondary team” drop downs.


Under the tab “Import Users”, now sample file export is available. User can download the file, fill in the required details and upload the file.