We have made a couple of major changes to the Performance module.

These changes will help users navigate the Performance module easily and also use it to its full potential.

You can access the documentation for the revamped Performance module here:



The new enhancements that have been introduced are:

  • Revamped Cycles tab
  • Hire Date Based Review Cycle
  • Work Anniversary Review Cycle
  • Revamped Org Dashboard


Revamped Cycles Tab

The Cycles tab has undergone a facelift. All cycles now are viewable in the form of a graphical timeline that can help users understand at once glance how the cycle is progressing.

The impetus behind introducing two new types of cycles is so that HR managers do not have to create multiple review cycles to accommodate everything within an organization. Instead, they can create customized review cycles which simply need to be set up and then can progress as per usual.

The normal performance review cycle in Engagedly now goes by the name Focal Point Review. Other than a change in name to differentiate it from the two new cycles, nothing has changed there.


Hire Date Based Review Cycle

The Hire Date Based review cycle is a new kind of cycle wherein site administrators can create a review cycle centered around a 30/60/90/custom days review cycle. Based on the number of days selected, a performance review will be triggered in the ensuing time period.

Example: An employee joins on March 20th, 2019 and is added to a Hire Date Based Review cycle. If the 30-day format has been chosen, then exactly one month later, his review will occur on April 20th, 2019.

This kind of review cycle is useful because it does not have an end date and will continue to add users automatically to the cycle without the HR having to do so manually, though that is possible as well.

Additionally, a Hire Date Based review cycle can be halted for any duration of time and then restarted once again.


Work Anniversary Review Cycle

The Work Anniversary review cycle is a review cycle based on an employee’s work anniversary. The one aspect that differentiates it from the Hire Date Based review cycle is the fact that a Work Anniversary review cycle cannot extend beyond 365 days.

This cycle can also be halted, should the site administrator feel the need to do so.


Manage Reviews (Revamped Org Dashboard)

We have completely done away previous org dashboard and instead replaced with a more streamlined design with manageable columns and bulk actions.

Going by the name Manage Reviews, both the org dashboard and the team dashboard can now be found in this tab. Users can select which columns they would like to see by clicking on ‘Manage Columns’. If a site administrator would like to undertake any action, such as locking reviews, rolling back reviews, assigning templates, etc, they can do so from the Bulk Actions area. Clicking on the Bulk Actions button shows site administrators all the actions they can take.