Here are some of the latest updates that have been made to the Engagedly application. While these enhancements are minor, we hope they improve your user experience.


From now on, the Recall Template feature will be known as Unassign Template in the Performance Module.


Previously, only site administrators had access to the Reports tab within a course. However, now reports are accessible to everyone and information will be shown to users based on the permission they have. Accordingly:

  • Site administrators and learning managers will be able to see everyone’s data, as per usual.
  • A manager will be able to see their data along with all the data of their direct reports.
  • Normal users will only be able to see their own individual data.


Users have the ability to add an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question in a survey. Previously, the question was uneditable. However, it is not possible for users to modify the question to better suit their survey.

Adding Co-admins to A Survey

A survey created by one user can be managed by other users in the organization if the user is marked as co-admin of the survey. This can be achieved by sharing the survey with others through the Actions menu. However, a user can only be added as a co-admin for a survey if they already have permission to create a survey. If they do not have the permission to create and assign surveys, then they cannot be added as co-admins.

Once a user has been added as a co-admin, they cannot add other co-admins or change the points decided for the survey. However, they can manage survey assignments and even assign the survey to new users. They will be able to view user responses as well.

Ongoing Check-Ins

Now, managers will receive email notifications when their direct reports submit their responses to an ongoing check-in. Previously managers were not notified when their direct reports submitted a check-in unless they were the check-in creator. As an additional enhancement, managers will receive email notifications whenever their direct reports check-in, even if they are not the check-in creator.


A new location “Mexico” has been added in the Rewards module, for redemption through Tango cards.