Follow the steps below to have a seamless data sync between Personio and Engagedly.

Step 1: Integration Process

Clients need to contact the support team with the below details

  1. Client ID and Secret key of their Organization account in Personio
  2. Set of attribute (field) mappings to be integrated into Engagedly

Step 2: Field Mappings

These are the field mappings in the current system. However, more field mappings can be implemented based on client requirements later.

Along with the field mappings, the client has to provide the settings like whether they want to

  • Sync only the active users
  • Sync all the users (active, onboarding, and inactive users)
  • Sync all the department, business unit, job titles, and locations details
No Personio Fields Engagedly Fields
1. First Name First Name
2. Last Name Last Name
3. Email Email
4. Gender Gender
5. Status Status
6. Position Job Title
7. Supervisor Reporting to
8. Hire date Date of Hire
9. Termination date Departure Date
10. Termination type Block Reason Code
11. Office Location
12. Department Department
13. Cost center Business unit
14. Profile Picture Profile Picture
15. Birthday Birthday
16. LinkedIn LinkedIn
17. Occupation type Employee type
18. Employee ID Employee ID

Step 3:Our team will verify the integration with Personio.

Based on these details from the client, the engineering team will integrate the process of syncing all the user accounts from Personio to Engagedly. A CRON job will be implemented on daily basis. So that, the user accounts in Personio will be up to date in the Engagedly application.

  • Adding a new user
  • Updating the existing user details
  • Blocking or removing the users
  • Editing the Department, Cost Centers and other employee information present in your field mapping will be synced on the next scheduled CRON job

Personio User List:

Engagedly User List: