We have revamped the User Dashboard and made some changes to the way information is displayed.

  • Pending Actions – shows you all the pending actions that you are yet to undertake, be it feedback to be given, 360 feedback pending etc.
  • Recent Activities – shows you all of your recent activity like completing a review, commenting on a post, giving feedback  etc.
  • Goal Progress – shows you the recent progress on your goals.
  • Goal Alignment – Shows you the number of goals aligned to department goals and company goals.
  • Praise – Shows you the recent praise that you have received.
  • Leaderboard – Shows you the users with the highest points and ranks in the organization.
  • Feedback Shared –  Shows the feedback that you have shared recently.
  • Feedback Received –  Shows the feedback received by you recently.
  • Badges – shows you  the number of badges you have earned.
  • My Points – Here, you can see how many points you have accrued so far what is your ranking (based on the points) in the organization.
  • Learning –  Here, you can see how many courses you have completed so far.
  • Post Activities – This shows you the most recent social activities you have participated in, be it commenting on a post, liking a comment etc.


Note: – All these portlets and can be dragged around and arranged in any order you like. To move a portlet, just click on the portlet, hold the mouse button, and drag it to wherever you like on the page.