A few enhancements have been made to the Rewards and Ongoing Check-Ins’ module.


  • A Redemption Threshold has been added to the Rewards Module. This feature can be enabled by site administrators. This comes into effect when people want to redeem their points. The Redemption Threshold allows users to redeem their points when they reach a certain point limit and not before that. This can be accomplished from the Rewards Redemption tab in the Setting page.
  • It is now possible to limit the Discretionary Points each user can award in a month. This feature can be enabled from the Badges tab in the Settings page. If a user reaches the limit (for example, they have already awarded 100 discretionary points to a variety of users for the month of May) they will not be able to award any more points until the month ends.

Ongoing Check-Ins

  • Sometimes, users who are blocked are also the creators or requestors or simply a part of an ongoing check-in. Now, it is possible to see when blocked users who are a part of an ongoing check-in. They will be denoted by the tag ‘Blocked’.
  • Earlier on, an ongoing check-in could be created at a past date. However, now this is no longer possible.