A new set of enhancements is available for both Web and Mobile Apps in the Tangerine 3.3.0. We have added new features and revamped existing features as a part of this release. Changes in Performance, Goals, Learning, CxO Dashboard, Surveys, and other modules have been done for a better user experience for employees, managers, and admins.


Changes in Hire Date and Work Anniversary Cycle Review Period

  • Previously for the hire date and work anniversary review, the cycle period in the review form and other places were showing as ’30 days of hire to 1st Jan’ (date when the user was added to cycle) and ‘Last one year to 30th Jan’ (date when the user was added to cycle).
  • Now the review cycle period is showing as ‘30 days from hire’ or ‘60 days from hire’ or ‘90 days from hire’ or custom days from hire.

30 days of hire

30 days from hire


  • Now for the anniversary period, you can hide the date and just show the year the employee was added to the cycle (eg. 2021 work Anniversary review).

Hide the date - show the year

Teams - employee anniversary


‘Include Incomplete Reviews in the Analytic Tab Includes All the Manager Recommendation

  • Previously in the report, enabling ‘Include incomplete review’ was showing only the completed and in-progress manager recommendations.
  • Now ‘Include incomplete review’ contains all the data even if the manager recommendation is not filled.

Manager recommendation

Pending actions - new cycle


Implementation of ‘Not Specified’ in the Email Notification – If the Due Date is not Set in the Review

  • Previously, the due date in a performance review-related email notification appeared blank, if you have not set any due date for the review.
  • Now ‘Not Specified’ is implemented in the place of due date in the email notification.
  • If you set Due date, the same date will be displayed in the place of due date in the email notification.

Due date not specified

Due date specified


Changes for Ability to Edit Questions in the LP Section

  • Previously, the default value for High was <= 100% on Cycles ->Review Form Sections->Employee Leadership Potential.
  • Now, by default, it has changed to Low (<=30.00%), Medium (between 30.01% & 79.99%), High (>=80.00%) range.

Edit questions in the LP section



Implementation of Infinite Scroll in Admin -> Goals -> View by Goals

  • Previously, paginated scroll was present on Admin -> Goals -> View by goals. 
  • Now infinite scroll is implemented and you can export all the goals at once if you are an admin.

Admins Goals View


Time Zone for Goal Creation Date in Audit Log

  • Previously, the time zone for the goal creation date in the audit log was not supported.
  • Now, Engagedly is supporting time zone for the goal creation date in the audit log.

Goal creation date

Goal creation date in audit log



Academy Courses Would be Listed in the ‘Assigned by You’ Tab for Assigners

  • Previously. if Admin, Manager, and Learning Manager assign academy courses to you, assigners were not able to remove the assignments for the learners. 
  • Now, assigned academy courses would be listed under the ‘Assigned by You’ tab for assigners. 
  • You can ‘Remove’, ‘Import’, and ‘Nudge’ learners from the ‘Assigned by You’ tab if you are an assigner.

Academy courses - assigned by you

Academic courses - actions


Character Limit in Training Certificates is Removed

  • Previously, there was a character limit in training certificates for the ‘Employee Name’ field. 
  • Now character limit for ‘Employee Name’ is removed.
  • Employee name would be shown up to 2 lines.

Training certificates

Quizzes Score is Added in Learners Quiz Export

  • Previously, quiz scores were not a part of the Quizzes -> View by Learner/ View by Question -> Export
  • Now ‘Score in Percentage’ column is added on the Export.

Score in percentage - learners quiz


Error Messages are Added on Import Course and Learners

  • Previously, when the author used to import a course with ‘Ready to Assign’ set to ‘No’, no error message was shown to the author.
  • Now, when you (the author) import a course with ‘Ready to Assign’ set to ‘No’, an error message will be shown.

Course Import Status

Learners upload status


Competency Filters Have Been Added

  • Previously Competency filters were not present.
  • Now Competency filters have been added in the following tabs:
    • Home -> Learning -> Overview/My Courses/Filters
    • Home -> Learning -> Library/Filters
    • Home -> Learning -> Dashboard -> All Chart Drill downs/Filters
    • Teams ->Learning -> Assigned by You/Filters
    • Teams -> Learning -> Library/Filters
    • Admin/Manage -> Learning -> Courses -> Assigned by You/Filters
    • Admin/Manage -> Learning -> Courses -> Authored by You/Filters
    • Admin -> Learning -> Courses -> Published by Others/Filters
    • Admin/Manage -> Learning -> Library/Filters
  • You can apply competency filters and data would be displayed respectively.

Learning - courses - all competency

Learning - courses - empowering others

Competency filters


The Vietnamese Language Has Been Added to the Course Languages

  • The Vietnamese language has been added to course languages.

Vietnamese Language added


Additional Information Has Been Added to the Import Learners Template

  • Additional information has been added to ‘Please Note’ cell on ‘Import Learners’ template.

Import learners


CxO Dashboard

“Manage Widget” Pop-up Where You Can Add and Remove Widgets

  • Previously, in CxO Dashboard, there was an ‘Add Widgets’ pop-up, where you could only add the widget. For removing the widget, you had to access the overflow menu of the respective widget and click on the ‘Remove’ option. 
  • But now there is a “Manage Widget” pop-up where you can add and remove widgets in the same pop-up. On hovering over the widget, the ‘Remove’ button will be displayed where you can remove the widget.
  • Even the “Reorder Widget” button is accessible in the same pop-up which  gives you the experience of managing all the widget functionalities in one place. 

CxO Dashboard


Default Load is Changed to ‘View By Goals’ on Goals Directory Pop-up

  • Previously, by default, ‘View By Owner’ was selected on the Goals Directory pop-up.
  • Now default load is changed to ‘View By Goals’ view.

Goals directory - view by goals


Talent Profile

New Columns in General Reports

  • New columns have been added to the general reports:
    • Mandatory Courses Assigned
    • Non-Mandatory Courses Assigned
    • Mandatory Courses Pending
    • Non-Mandatory Courses Pending
    • Mandatory Courses Completed
    • Non-Mandatory Courses Completed

New columns are added to the general report

General reports - new columns



Auto-save Functionality (Survey Details Page – Questions)

  • The question’s ‘edit view’ automatically switches to its respective ‘read view’ if another addition to the survey is made in terms of section or question.

Survey page - questions


Default Surveys for New Clients

  • A new organization is presented with default survey templates 
  • A total of 7 default library templates is available 
  • Library templates list:
    • General Time Management
    • General Self-Motivation
    • General Procrastinator
    • General Motivation Skills
    • General Leadership Skills
    • General Goal Setting
    • General Communication Skills

Library Template for new clients



  • An alert banner for the Settings 2.0 
  • There are 2 links on the alert banner:
    • ‘Try it Out’ – to take you directly to the new settings page
    • ‘Learn More’ – navigates you to the release document

Alert banner for settings 2.0


Mobile App Update

Zoom-in On Images and Videos

  • Previously, you were facing difficulty looking at the images and videos uploaded in the mobile app. 
  • In order to overcome this useability issue, we have now added the zoom-in feature on images and videos.

New features for videos and images Zoom-in for images Zoom-in for videos