Here are some of the updates which we have made to the Private Notes module in the Tangerine release.

Access Private Notes

  • When Private notes is enabled for the organization, it can be accessed by you from the side bar

Engagedly Tangerine Private Notes

  • Clicking on notes will navigate you to the Notes Page

My Notes Page Engagedly

Creation Of Notes

You can create notes in three ways: +, Stack View page and the Detailed View page

  • Creation from ‘+’

notes creation from plus symbol

  • Creation from Stack View

Notes Creation From Stack View

  • Creation from Detailed View

Private Notes Detailed View

  • Once you click Add note, the Create Note pop up will open up. You just need to type the content and click anywhere on the screen for the  Note to be saved

Engagedly Private Notes Saved

  • You can create notes about self or others and also share them with others

Engagedly Share Note

  • You can see the “About” users and the “Shared” with users in the form of avatar heads at the bottom right corner of the note

Note Shared Users

Editor Options

  • The editor options are displayed at the top of the create note pop up. You can apply font, size and alignment on the text in the Note

Notes Editing Option

  • You can add images, videos, and documents to the noteAdding Images To Private Notes

Stack View

Under Stack view of notes, you will be able to view

  • All Notes – All notes shared by and shared with you
  • Shared by me – All the notes shared by you
  • Shared with me – All the noted shared with you
  • About – Sorted list of notes based on the “About” user

Private Notes Stack View

Detailed View

Detailed view is also similar to the Stack view listing of Notes. However it has an additional column which acts as a second level of display of the notes and you can also see the created on date.

Private Notes Detailed View Section

Full Screen View 

Creator of the note can view the note in full screen view

Private Note Full Screen View

Export Note

  • If you are the creator of the note  you will have the option to export the note in the overflow menu
  • The exported file will be saved in the pdf format

Save Private Note Engagedly

Print Note

  • If you are the creator of the note then you will also have the option to print the note

Print Private Note Engagedly