The update talks about the latest enhancements in the following modules: Performance, Learning, Goals, Feedback, and Talent Profile.


Renaming of a column in the Feedback Request Report

  • The column “Related Feedback” in the feedback request report has been renamed to “Response Status“.
  • You can view the renamed column in the request report of Employee , Manager , Admin, and CXO drill down.

Feedback request column


If the admin has assigned you with HRBP permission, then the reports tab will be visible to you.

  • Previously, the HRBP was not able to see the analytics page.
  • With the latest update, the HRBP can view the analytics page with all the data and stats for the assigned employees.

HRBP Permission

Retain Cycle selected in the Performance Analytics page

  • Previously, the analytic page could not retain the cycle.
  • Now, you can retain the cycle on the analytic page even if you refresh the page or navigate to another module.

Retain cycle


Retaining cycle in analytics

Implementation of “Settings” option to edit cycle from the Manage page

  • Previously, admin and users with manage review cycle permission were not able to edit a cycle from the manage page.
  • The implementation of the “Settings” option next to the “Process & Analytics” tab in the level 3 navigation will allow you to edit the cycle.

Setting option implementation


Setting option in manage page

Quick link to the respective analytics within the Manage page

  • Previously, the admin, manager, and users with cycle permission were not able to view analytics for the selected cycle in the manage page. They needed to switch to the analytics tab and search for and select the cycle.
  •  Now, the analytics option is placed in the level 3 navigation next to the process tab under Manage Page.

Analytics in manage page


Analytics tab, manage page


Option to nudge members with unaligned goals from the Admin and Manager views.

  • Previously, an admin or a manager could not nudge users with unaligned goals.
  • Now, admin and managers have the option to nudge users to get their goals aligned.

Admin View:

admin view of nudge

Manager View:

Manager view of nudge

  • E-mail and in-app notifications will be sent to managers and employees to align their goals.

Notification to managers and employees

notification for goal alignment

Align goals notification

  • Clicking on the email or in-app notification will take an employee to Home >Goals >My goals tab.

Employee view of notification


  • Clicking on the email or in-app notification will take a manager to Teams >Goals >My team goals tab.

Manager view of the notification

View URL as a hyperlink in comments tab

  • Previously, the URL added in comments was not clickable.
  • Now, the URL will appear as a hyperlink and you will be navigated to the specific URL in a new tab.

View hyperlink in comments


Design changes in the learning widget under employee view, and the addition of learning stats under admin view

  • Design changes in Home>Overview>Learning widget.
    • Previously, course images, certificate symbols, ‘Resume’ and ‘Start’ options were not visible on course cards. Now, you can view all of them in the learning widget.
    • Previously unavailable, you can now see points on the course cards.
    • Previously, only completed and pending course counts were shown. Now, you can see the statuses of all courses, such as in-progress, not started, completed, evaluation pending, and failed.

Changes in the learning widget

  • Implementation of learning stats in Admin>Overview>Usage stats
    • Previously, learning stats were not shown in the admin view.
    • Now, learning stats are available on the admin overview page.

Learning stats in admin overview page


Stats in admin overview page

Changes made in the employee type from settings would reflect in the elastic search

  • Previously, if the employee type was edited from settings, it was not updated in elastic search.
  • Now, when you edit the employee type from settings, it will be updated in elastic search across all the modules.

Editing employee type

Notifications to be sent when co-authors are added to the course

  • Previously,  co-authors did not receive any notification upon their addition to the course.
  • Now, email and in-app notifications would be sent to co-authors when they are added to the course.
  • Upon clicking an email or in-app notification,  a co-author would be navigated to course details page.

notifications to co-authors


Co-author addition

Assign courses to Closed, Open, and Smart Groups

  • Previously, admins and learning managers were not able to assign courses to closed, open, and smart groups. Now, you can apply filters and assign courses to these groups.

Assign courses to groups

View AICC/SCROM packages after completion

  • Previously, as a learner, you could not view AICC/SCROM packages after completion.
  • Now, you can view AICC/SCROM packages after completing the unit.
  • You can use the “View” option  to open the AICC/SCROM player in a pop-up.


View AICC/ SCROM package

SFTP Changes for Goals and Users Import

Ability to import users with duplicate employee IDs

  • Previously, duplicate employee IDs could not be imported.
  • Now, the import users feature will work with duplicate employee IDs as well.

How does it work?

  1. In the import file, you need to provide the employee Ids of the users to be imported.
  2. Like, in the below attachment, there are four users, and two of them—Ximene and Remi have the same employee ID.
  3. These two, with the same employee ID, will be imported.

Duplicate employee id import

Ability to add Goal Followers through import

  • Previously unavailable, you can now add followers through goals import.
  • Goals followers would be able to check-in on the respective goals.

How does it work?

  • As per the above functionality, you can now import users with duplicate employee IDs.
  • In the goals import file, provide the UnitID, which is the employee ID.
  • When you import goals, all the users present in that UnitID will be added as followers to the respective goals created.
  • For example, in the below attachment, Goal 16 would be created by adding all the users with UnitID (EmployeeID) 876543 as followers.

Goal followers through import

Import goals

Importing goals

Import gaols


Talent Profile

Ability to view Job Description

  • Previously, there was no option to view the job description of an employee.
  • Now, as an employee, manager, secondary line manager, and site admin, you can view the job description in the talent profile profile details section.

Ability to add job description

Add job description functionality

Functionality to add job description

Job description addition

add description of job


  • Now, ‘View Job Description’ option is available in the Talent Profile section. Clicking on it will display a pop up with related competencies and skills.

View job description in talent profile


Open the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon

Previously, the calendar used to open only when you clicked on the enter date field. Now, you can open the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon.

Calendar Icon

L1 & L2 Navigation

Previously, the L1 & L2 tabs were below the WCAG accessibility standard guidelines. With this update, the following changes have been made in the tabs as per the guidelines:

  • The padding for the text in the L1 tab is 7px top and 15px bottom

L1 tab padding


  • The padding for the text in the L2 tab is 10px top and 10px bottom

L2 tab padding


  • The font size of the text in the L2 tab is 13px

Font size in L2 tab


  • The text-transform for the L2 tab text is ‘Capitalise’

Taxt transform L2 tab


  • The font colour for the inactive state is ‘607290’

Font colour inactive state


CxO Dashboard

Add and remove widgets from the “Manage Widget” pop-up 

  • Previously, from the CxO dashboard, you could only add widgets by using the “Add Widgets” pop-up. To remove a widget, you had to access the overflow menu of the respective widget and click on the “Remove” option.
  • Now, you can add and remove widgets directly from the “Manage Widget” pop-up. Hovering over the house on the widget will display the “Remove” button.
  • The “Reorder Widget” button is also accessible in the same pop-up to manage all the widget functionalities in one place.


Manage widget in CxO Dashboard


Default load is changed to View By Goals on Goals Directory pop-up

  • Previously, by default, “View By Owner” was selected as the Goals Directory pop-up. Now the default load is changed to “View By Goals” view.

Goals directory pop-up