We have revamped Engagedly’s Real Time Performance Management Software. We will highlight the key changes here.

Key Highlights:

Better Cycle and Template management for Admins and HRs. Improved review forms for reviewee and reviewers.

1. Cycles

As a site admin you can now access the list of cycles by navigating to My Org (Admin) Performance Cycles.

Performance Cycles

1.1 Cycle Listing Page

  • When you enable ‘Show Statistics’ checkbox it shows the statistics of all listed cycles
  • On selecting ‘Only Favourites’ checkbox it will list only the favourite cycles marked by you
  • After you have clicked on Filter icon you will be able to filter cycles by name, cycle date, cycle type and status

Tangerine Cycle Listing

1.2 Create / Edit Cycle page

  • Sections headers are listed towards left of the page and respective section will be highlighted when you scroll to the particular section
  • Help text gives you a better understanding of cycle settings
  • Preview button helps to view the review form in the preview mode based on the current cycle settings. Preview can be viewed as a Employee, Reviewer and HR based on the cycle settingsEngagedly Cycle Information

2. Templates

2.1 Template Listing Page

  • As a Site Admin you will be able to access the list of templates by navigating to My Org (Admin) Performance Templates. If you are a general user with required permission, you can access the list of templates by navigating to Manage Performance Templates
  • Click on filter and search options to filter
  • For list of template settings and actions click on the overflow menu beside the template statusTemplate Listing Page

2.2 Create / Edit Template page

  • Include the Job title based Competency section in review template
  • Include the Goals section in review template
  • Weighting can be allocated to each section
  • Add new custom sections and questions to be shown in the review form

Template Addition Engagedly

3. Home Overview

3.1 Employee view

  • As an employee you can access the overview page by navigating to: Home –>Performance –> OverviewEngagedly Employee View
  • The overview page for an employee consists of 2 sections they are “Pending Actions” and “Your Submissions“

Engagedly Pending Action

  • All review pending actions are listed under the “Pending Actions“ section from where reviews can be submitted accessing respective review forms
  • If  as a Manager or Skip level manager you have multiple pending actions for multiple users in the same cycle they will be grouped and shown under single pending actionPending Actions Grouping
  • Pending actions will be listed according to the due dates

Pending Actions Listed By Due Date


  • As an employee you can view all the reviews submitted as self, delegated reviewer, additional reviewer, and manager under “Your Submissions“ section by using ‘All Reviewer Type’ filter. By default, all types of reviews are displayedSubmission All Reviewer Type
  • You can only view reviews with Ongoing, Locked, and Completed statuses under your submission where the statuses can be filtered accordingly using status filter. By default reviews with all statuses are displayedSubmission Statuses

3.2 Past Reviews

  • Past Section consists of “All“, “About You“ and “About Others” filters through which you can filter and view data accordingly
  • Reviews can also be filtered using date and search filter available clicking on filter icon
  • The cards for Completed/Locked reviews are in white background where for Ongoing it is in blue background
  • Employee can view submitted reviews by clicking on “View“ on the review cards
  • If employee is not part of review and manager review is visible to employee then, they can view those kind of reviews under “Past reviews”

Past Reviews

4. Teams Overview

  • If you are an user with direct reports then you can view all the pending actions, alerts, and reviews submitted by your direct reports by clicking on: Teams –> Performance –> Overview

Performance Overview Engagedly

  • “Pending Actions” under My team overview page would not be showing pending actions related to employee
  • “Alerts” section will show up alerts for all manager actions like assign/share template, Review visibility and so on where manager will be  navigated to manage reviews page clicking on “View” from each alerts

Engagedly Alerts and Cycles

  • If you are a manager you can dismiss the alerts from the overflow menu on each alert and can still take action on dismissed alerts from  overflow menu at the top right corner of the section
  • You can view all your direct reports and their participation on different performance cycles by clicking on review cards for each direct reports
  • As a manager you can also view recent 5 locked and completed reviews for each direct reports in graphical representation under charts and they are clickable
  • If you are a manager you can search your direct reports using search tab and can filter by secondary, skip-level and entire team using My team  filter
  • Using Search tab managers can search up to 10 direct reportees
  • Duration filter is available to filter out team data based on the number of years and by default, it will show the last 3 year’s data

5. Admin Dashboard

  • If you are a site admin you can access Dashboard from Admin Performance Dashboard

Engagedly Admin Dashboard

  • The dashboard consists of Alerts and Active cycles where under alerts HR can perform all HR actions and under active cycles, all types  of active cycles, and their review status is displayed
  • You can navigate to the Manage Reviews page by clicking on the Manage button under Active cycles 
  • As a Site admin can edit, copy and archive all types of performance cycles from the Active cycles section 
  • Reviewee and Reviewer pending reviews will be shown in the popups clicking on counts
  • Upcoming reviews popup will be shown clicking on the count for Hire and anniversary based cycles
  • Cycle type filter is available to filter type of cycles and by default all types of cycles are listed
  • You have the option to navigate to the cycle listing page from the active cycles section as shown in the image below

Active Cycles

  • Pending reviews of the reviewees and reviewers for the cycle can be notified by clicking on nudge icon under active cycles

6. Review Form

Review Form

  • Review form shows the progress bar to know the percentage of answered and unanswered sections
  • As a Manager and Skip level manager you will get an option to review all team members in the same cycle by opening just one review form  where there will be an option to switch to other review forms by clicking on Pending reviews
  • Review forms can be viewed in 2 different views Row and Column views
  • Section headers are shown towards the left of the page in the Row view and will be highlighted as the user moves to the section respectively

7. Analytics

Tangerine Analytics

  • As site admins you can view the analytics page from Admins Performance Analytics
  • If you are a manager you can view Analytics page from Teams Performance Analytics
  • Review Status Distribution will present reviews with different statuses and counts. 
  • Clicking on the donut AG grid will be shown.
  • Rating distribution will show the Reviewee and Reviewer ratings and the count 
  • AG grid will be shown by clicking on each progress bar.
  • Performance Review section will show up all the templates shared in the cycle and count of reviewees for whom the template was  shared.
  • Overall review progress for the reviewee and reviewer is also shown. 
  • Leadership potential of reviewee is shown in form of nine box rating scale.
  • Goal Rating distribution section shows the number of goals added by reviewee and reviewer in the review process and ratings given for  them.

8. Resource Center

Review Form

  • When you open the resource center from any of the review, from the profile details of the reviewee in the review. Review form will be shown in  the resource center
  • Reviewee name, Job title, Manager name, Departments and Business units he/she belongs to, Next review date, last promoted date,  date of joining, Tenure and Direct reports list will be shown in the profile section