New enhancements have been made to the Goals module and the Performance review form. Now, users will be able to add attachments to goals and in the performance review template, it will be possible to add 0% as a weight for a performance area.

A new enhancement has been made to the Goals module. It is now possible for users, managers, and administrators to add attachments to goals.


Attachments can be added at 3 places in the Goals module. The reason behind this modification to the goals module is so that users can add attachments that they feel can better illustrate a point or help the user the goal is meant for.

Adding Attachments to Goals

Creating a goal

When creating a goal, the goal creator can add an attachment to the goal.


When users are checking-in on a goal, they can add an attachment to the check-in.



All goals have a discussion page. This page can be seen when a user clicks on their goal. Even managers and administrators can see the discussion page. Files can be attached when users are sharing a comment as well.

Viewing The Attachments

All the files which have been added as attachments to or for a goal, they can be viewed on the Attachments page. To visit the Attachments page, all users need to do is click on the goal that they want to view the attachments for.

Zero Weightage

When creating performance review templates, it is possible to give some Performance Areas weights and leave the others as they are.


For instance, in a template, if there are 3 performance areas, an HR administrators can choose to add weights to only two performance areas. In the 3rd one, they can add 0% as the weight, so that the field is not left blank.