People Strategy For The #FutureOfWork

In today’s world, organizational structures are becoming increasingly fluidic – with cross-functional roles, skill-based verticals, and contingent workforces. Traditional people and performance management methodologies have fallen by the wayside, giving leeway to incremental feedback and consistent development.

From AI to diversity through to hybrid work, what does this all mean for a tomorrow that’s immediate? Tuned to the new and the next, join us for a virtual tour of the landscapes we’ll soon inhabit and understand how organizational leaders can build holistic and efficient people practices.

Event Speakers

Learn from global leaders. Connect with a community of talents, ideas, and experiences. And move the industry forward.

Key Takeaways

How to prepare your talent management for the future of work which is here and now

How to adapt your workplace strategies as a process leader so you can actively engage and activate a high performance organization that will be hybrid and many who will be gig workers